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Ian Mount

Every time do a video I cry tears of joy

Sty Hinz (Student)

This story made me cry


frozen 1 'babyish fun'frozen 2 'the untold story'

me 10 min in the video


Let us transfer all pokemon in our banks to sword and shield

Oskar Uribe

Fhoxyopmnw tyuimar tyion

Adam Kerschner

Ty did every single shot



Alexa Laguna-Quinonez

I get so worried and stressed over little things all the time

Its_Skewa 12

Me: I have a headache

nick linodin



Ughahahaha aaaa ah ehh



Why Don't We NL

redhear guy ''brown hair''🤣🤣

Bryce Kemp

i have been listening to Zayde Wolf for a long time now and love how you guys incorporate the music in these vids!

Ak 47

i got 81 HAHA


was this a Make-A-Wish or something? who are the kids?


You should have destroyed/shot the MA-R-I-A gravestones in that order on Insane difficulty to complete the easter egg.

Drew Johnston

Many references to that anything bolo Santosee also

Jake Seisun

How do you do that s

AbsolLina Zimmer

Im struggling with panic attacks everyday in class and it happens because of the smallest things

War Reaper43

ive also seen an easteregg in the division, with rafaels swords and a pizza box.

yordan romero

Congrats for the 600k i lovee your easter eggs videos good job❤

Me: Yep quality content

Yeah, the sales can rise

Kartavya Gambhir

Salman Khan I am Indian

Abdulaleem Ali

At 10:34 I was singing my way before I was watching the video

Kristin Wiebold

I doubt she singed his suit trousers on purpose. In my family, I am the one who does the ironing. I am positive I have make a mark on one of the clothes because the iron was dirty or gotten burn because the iron was hot. Tried to fix the mistake but my parents have never beaten me. Clothes aren't worth hurting a person over. I feel so bad for this mother because it feels either way she goes it feels like there well be no peace. It is just so sad. :(

The Summer Solstice.

CALM Thyself

Honestly these days I’ve been feeling like shit and ugly af so thank you for this


You are evil!

Messi 10

Starky it's Cody.

My sister: o-ok see u later when ur done

Valeta Merrifield

I was diagnosed in 2016. Hugs

tv Daniel

tyler likes like texas chainsaw massacre

Tadiwa Chafa

I love GSW but raptors in 5😔

Nuffin Muffin

L ets


Ty and his dad personality are almost the same XD


Hey Guru can u do NFS most wanted next?


Poor sharks....

Serge Olchowec

Pointless. The second best Toronto player can & will be better than KD tonight . That's how the raps roll this season. No stopping it man . I know shocking!


notice me Guru <3