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I’ll die for your dogs.


I’m far less excited about this game now

Dhruv Jadeja


star martinez

My fsvoritr fail was when Garret totally missed the baseball


if you go into the harry potter room and click on the skull on his shelf 2 ghosts will spawn and doors start opening and closing by themselves and its really weird. thought you might want to know that.

KPD Debnath



This game is one Big Easter Egg :) And it have many references to other games :)

Savita Dehade

dude perfect is only one youtuber team who make the best non gaming video s

Amee Liffy

I love fencing can you guys do fencing again?

S. Albertsen

I have even more questions than before

Sristhi Priya

I understand that only matters you did a right decision

gets slapped

Eduardo Merino

Where is Elsa's girlfriend?🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Reinalyn Manalo

Im having second thought if Im really depressed. All these ppl who says, "You're not depressed!" I just cried for like 15 minutes straight without any reason. I just shed a tear and it got worst. I even cut myself. Don't hate me. I'm like this since I was in 4th grade. I'm in 10th grade now.

「garden in word」

amjad mohammad

North Carolina

Buggy D Clown

@0:57 , @instragramreality

Andrea eyhnffn

Emma: Can you read it for me?? hides self in sweatshirt

Jazz Abitria

So what will be the weather/season for this?YESSSSSSS

Monica Botros

Holy shit this girl is SSOOOOOOO brave

Aaron Hackel

I thought it was tic tac toe

Generala xD

Frozen 2 = Shadow of the colossus :v Now I understand why Anna have a sword LOL xDDDD


Dis shit is Lit asf but u can’t be sayin ain’t no big homies we reckless gang bangin u get killed out here and I wonder what set u claiming

Madison Belanger

Next time use the same colored hair 😔

Amy Anselment

Texans definatley

Nathan Curr

Too rich


if you stop , i will miss you

He doesn't want us to have heart attacc

Kami D

U would want to be me in my profile pic at this point

Subconscious Qualms

So.... Fuck apple?

Michelle Sithole

With friends like these who needs friends....At All




they focused much on KD, but there's Kevon Looney too. Warriors players are really banged-up.


A sequel we never needed but disney wants to sell more merch