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Ah shit! Here we go again.


Totally new eggs to me, every one! AWESOME A+ presentation

Sam Rocks

What the?

Brayden helton

I'm crying it's been 4 years and nostalgia is kicking in


Damn and I get pissed cause I get my Xbox taken away.....owO

Gilang Chanel

2019 ?

Arianna Elder

Anything’s possible when your with Dude Perfect

nostalgia boner


Rich Davies

i thought that when i came across that bit :OP

Redden Molina

Love the music.


Turd Ferguson.

Fernando Pacas


Ian Dayan

whats aimbot


Best shot ever

Canis X Pluto

Bachata con Romeo Santos @romeosantos


I hate to say but the new PS5 coming out will have 8k and SSD's running ram and Vram just like this. Plus 120FPS all of that and them some!!!!!! AND I can say the ps5 will be cheaper in price than the next xbox will be!!!!!! (Microsoft always over charges there stuff) Plus what I love is the amount of games Sony has to offer :) Sony's new PS5 is going to use some of the most advanced Cpu's and Gpu's there are. with DDr6 just like the new Xbox will. I am sticking with Sony!

Zabdi Gomez

This was a sad story



Nicklas gert tangstrøm

Team ty

dr penguin

that last one well... they should call it jacking and wank

Da _FoxHybridz

He's pretty rude

Lauren Victoria

why are the comments on these vids mostly filled with hate?


I like this vid cause it shows so much kindness around the world 🌎 and that we should help others who need it show love around the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Sweetie I'm brown. No need to feel like that.


no. get out of here, filthy blasphemer.


I love every video dude! Please dont dissapear again :(

Blake Smith

Me2 it the shit


A dude perfect video with only 5,000,000 Views?!?!?

Caroline and Caitlin

Love your voice 💗💗

Gabe Beacham

I got Jaws and space jam

rashid alayoubi

Eifel tower

Mona Jensen-Munk

67! I really love this art style😘


Baseball is gay.

i still want to be skinny.

Ana Lívia Cantuaria Lima

Aqui só tem comentario em english

Jamie Novak

Do you put them back in the sea

(I dont know what to do 😔)

Saory Bianca

Why don't adopted a child?😐

Wyatt Tverstol

When I watched this video it was at 666k likes

Scotty P

Real fans would know that is the same cake theodd1sout uses for his subscriber milestones.I need a life

Angel Grey

My mom didn’t want kids. She still got pregnant with me and then when she saw me start to grow she says she grew attached the the Angel growing inside of her. She had birth complications and I had a 10% chance of making it out alive and a 2% chance of her ever having kids again cuz I had ruined her birth process. She ended up having me and then having my brother 20 months afterwards.



lenny land

I really appreciate what you done and thanks for the coffee I really like Starbucks and guess what you found your dream and I hope we will too


Battlefield.. add dinosaurs already


th... that last one oml

Zaid Al Abassi

how do find these ????