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av 26

7:09 'a audio book'. Tell me if im wrong. Like if im right.

Azwane Nnor

The Who Wearing White Jacket is so cute

Evelynn Brannon

At the beginning of the video:oh that’s interesting You better not broke ur promise🤞🏼

Connor Playz

At 4:04 is my favorite camera move

Philip Croaton

At 4:25 when it goes to the movie 'There will be Blood' - what's that soundtrack name? I'm sure its from movie's ost, but i couldn't find exact theme. Thanks.

Uncle Herbert

Sander Cohen is a mother fucker, but I love him. I remember when I discovered that thing and I didn't even finish it. As soon as it said "When someone is right..." I turned around and shot immediately only to realize it was a statue

Abandoned Hope

when you see the Murrine Easter egg, and it referenced Sean Murray having charming qualities. yeah sure, whatever you say...

kititanui tuntabu

life is perfect and so are you :D.


Ann sucks to have... I lost all of my friends and got kicked out of my mom's house because of it. I lost everything due to Ann. I can't even go to a restaurant without feeling dizzy and having a clenched chest. I can never have a normal conversation without making it awkward or me not looking the person in the eye. It's hard, very hard. Constantly thinking, no talking. Debating whether or not to go somewhere hoping it isn't filled with people. Afraid to say something stupid or do something. Never am I ever not thinking or being afraid. I'm scared of being judged to the point where I don't want to bother. Indiana Jones vs Bear Grylls

Rishabh Singla

More sterostypes

Garbage science is garbage - Gore had New York already looking like Venice.


you should do a shot from the rio de janeiro statue of jesus

tristen cendejas

cause he has years and years of training jason cleared the island in like 2 days as a rookie so hes pretty badass


I'm sorry but what makes me really doubt this whole thing is the part where the narrator says that the girl was "dragged" into the car by her mom after being in the foster system. No. That will and could not happen. My family has dealt with the system and that CAN NOT happen. If it did? The parents did it illegally and would be arrested. If they somehow got custody back? Cps Would have come for the girl. If they had just taken her back lile that, cps would have been there before you could blink. It sounds like the girl may have actually been "sick" perhaps a habitual liar. I am not sure. But this doesn't make any sense.

walter woodard

Team coby all the way

dragonball slayer326

This trailer gives me goosebumps everytime


Peyton k. covers

I have a cystic brain tumor on my pilenelel gland. I am 13. It's been really hard. We are traveling to Texas for treatment. I live in Wisconsin. I can't walk properly anymore. And this made me feel better. I can't explain it thank you for sharing your story

precisely me

Ur so lucky, Asher! You have an amazing voice, you juste sang a song with wiz Khalifa, and got a perfect girfrend 💛 your blessed ilysm this song so good👍👍

Rahma Rezk

I am sorry

Joey and brothers


Jacob Stavish

Tyler aviously

5DoD The king



Siakams reaction to the Tijuana Piranhas is priceless

El Turrón de Maní

almost 555.555 game reveiwer


Yes please do easter egg videos

Hazel Knight

I want there to be more episodes