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bob sinclair

dude so fucking perfect

Retaj Sayeed

replay buttons for bloopers:

top tuber

I been watching these videos for 3 years

Un Real

And this is where it started...

Foreva.destiny 06

Who else wants to go too the Dolan twins back yard

Jason Yang

Wow she actually ate the wings. Most guests just nibble at the wings without eating anything. Shes awesome and genuine.

Wafa Nammari

wats the song yo guys

Beltran Annalyn

That looks easy but when i try it its a fail😂😂😅😅

katie newton

Omg this animation I’m fucking dying it’s so pretty


p hill

wow that was high

Stephen-Ryan Bridgett

RIP. So sorry for your loss x

Meenu Mehra

Bumble bee

John Quaciari


Three days grade school, Mom:your texting too much it’s the dam phones

Playtime Nick

Ty it’s getting boring when you advance to the finale

Pankaj Patra

One more time, plise 😚

David Ziba


Sean DG

360 and windmill and tomahawk

Ahmad Alshahrani

keep winning ty


Is there a way to summon whatever you want at my time?


love the new album man, not one bad song



Maiq's calliper reference could also refer to the dlc mission in Oblivion : Shivering Isles Where you have to find an infinite amount of callipers for him so that's where all the callipers are


Man I just love your videos.

Sebastian Gonet

You had to put "Rains of Castamere" didnt you? The memories of the Red wedding are comming back. :C

Willian Santos

Four Years for 15 credits... Worth it!

they used a creepy ass easter egg to mention a happy song ??!

Someone come get there pet…

Kamran Khan

This seriously took 6 years to make? This is basically the same exact trailer from 2013 but with more adventurous scenes..

Dan Porvich

I am always surprised with how attentive to detail this guy is. Keep up the good videos' :-)

Dexo Plex

Whew we almost had a 6/11

Mr Rob

"This is the ___ shot" - 50 takes later *swish* Yeayaaaaa etc.

Pyromanic Ninja

Santa looks like a pale goblin in the chimney...


Jokes on the bullies , elon musk is by far more succesful than any of them.

Maria Montelongo

Messes up

R a d i o p h o b i a

Who’s the artist?

Militaires Sans Frontières

no more loading screens

Tyler Evans

@dudeperfect marshmellow dodgeball haha


*THIS IS ONLY MY THEORY OK?? * (btw im terrible at making theories, and i sometimes miss stuff, so.... sorry i guess if professional theorists read this T^T) when the troll said "the past is not what it seems" she's either gonna find some stuff about her parents, i hav no proper proof of that whatsoever though, aside from the fact she was in a plce near the ocean, and the ocean is where her parents died. OR she's either learning about the past of her powers, bcz if u didnt see it and connect the dots, there was water, that went berserk, or it was just the weather, but since there were like magical stuff going on in the water, that's what i thought about and there was fire! purple fire that meant it was like magic or somthin. Then there was that huge earth or land troll... It seemed like it was close to elsas powers, since u know... elsa made a living marshmallow out of snow. but if elsa MADE that marshmallow, does that mean someone made that huge earth or land marshmallow too??cuz when you think about it, in the first trailer there was a girl who wielded the power of the wind, and her powers were similar to elsas (cuz u know she can lift people up using air/wind, just like how elsa did the same thing tk ana but with ice, tho it semmed more like the wind girl hoisted the other kid up with air, but idk).And maybe those horses represented an element, cuz there were tons of like those star or ice things(ice might hav represented elsas powers), and maybe that horse was a water type spirit... idkand btw since that little girl in the first trailer had powers, that means elsas not the only one. but when u think about it... does that little girl live in that area, or was she also there to know about how she got her powers like elsa, and a meet up of other people with strange powers might happen too, since there might be another element holder like i mentioned before with the earth marshmallows possible creator.idk but these r just my theories and im terrible at making them.if youve come this far to reading this then congrats TwTsry if i hav any typos or big mistakesif u hav ur own theory dont fight mine with urs just tell and explain them, dont use it to argue, this is my opinionated theoryedit: if u hav theories that can help with mine or somewhat connects with mine, u can add them up if u want

Lyndsey Zapata

ty, definetly

Wolf_playz Roblox


Linda Gantz

It would suck to play a game of horse with those guys.