24/7 Bitcoin Price and Significant Trades

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Vladislav Bardyug

Such a shame it's not coming to PC this year.

Skylar Thompson

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow snickers

Max Nathan

13 year olds these days

Suicide isnt homework, dont do it

Nathan Hillger

that vehicle in the intro is like a vehicle from yu-gi-oh 5d's


Please flip Garrett please once

Pastel _ Summer

I’m Kinda All Of Them...Except Suicidal.. Could I Be Depressed?

Kristi P

Your review enlightened me

Susie Skains

coby and Cory lose all the time because they don't like each other

OmNomGaming watch today

The end with the pony sounded like me taking a dump


I think she is irresponsible to keep a child in these circumstances. Her father had a drinking problem, she should know what it's like.

w l

omg, it is luke, my favorite, haven't see him for quite some time, thought he left fbe


This was a good story story

Chloes Gaming Corner

I love how protective Jen got of Her when she bit into the bon bon

Raven the Red Panda

Jaiden is by far one of the best content creators, unlike game theory who takes a millennia to say them thing you already know, Jaiden tells you right out the gate she peed on her wallet then delivered on it. Man jaiden stay sounded way cooler in my head.....

Boy: sapnu puas

Swag Peeps

6:00 Cody said the f word

Neetron RBLX

One NOT Noticed:


Omfg what an @$$hole

Eric Gordon

So fake

Dude perfect's in overtime

Ethan Chartrand


Leo Skylander

2028? Anyone?

This site shows precisely how\azt72w

The Tea Daily

3:30 that’s Russian. I speak Russian !

Aidan Williams

Dustin Martin

Elora Padilla

i dont have panic attacks but, i have epilepsy and it can be causes by stress aswell as your panic attacks,l for my epilepsy i have to eat low sugar and carbs, icant stress that much and flashing lights can cause it to .I know how you feel because im still a young kid and i have been having it for about 2 years D:

Tyler bush

When he showed the two women with the drees I only see black and blue with both of them.

Song Bird

I actually new what this was when I saw the title, I feel so proud

you're welcome

"That is not groovy."

Faviola Isabel

The Pittsburgh Steelers


k smith

i wanna know who the panda is man

Liani Rodriguez



What the hell kind of doctor was she seeing? How could one doctor tell her nothing was wrong after two weeks of insomnia, and another just told her to Google trigeminal neuralgia? What the flying ****???

Sheelu Soni

What is the real name of that instrument

Diamond Martini

Damn 4 million views already?

sarcastically. I turned around angrily but they just laughed. In drama class I couldn’t find anyone to work with, in the end, the teacher got angry with me for wandering around doing nothing so she forced me to join this group of boys. They were annoyed and went, “Can’t we just work on our own?” Before I had even opened my mouth they turned away from me. “THANK YOU WE’RE GOING TO WORK ON OUR OWN NOW” Everyone sniggered as I was almost near tears. I feel like killing myself on a daily basis and already self harm. I am 11 years old. So honestly, you have it l.u.c.k.y


sooo... where do you keep the pile of balls?

Monado Boys Never Learn...

At number 5, when I saw the developers, they looked scary as hell.

Elizabeth Adebari

Iwant the car boat and the drone



Peyton Bloom

I don't remember this episode of Miraculous Ladybug

Gabby Wassenberg

Add a

9K Gaming

“they tried to warn us like we gone see them heaven gates or jail”🤭🔥

Ferdous Kabir

Opssy why did I comment

Angelina Utana

Thets is sow sad😞😭😭

Nikhil Zambare

"Don't worry ,Tylernext you'll win "

Ronney Zamora

At 1:16, If her real mom and brother are gonna be her guardian angels, does that mean they died?

Sarah Longenecker

I got to see the pogo people live

“Oh yea”

Shayan Wasti

Dis is so bad I wish that u go bankrupt