REAL MEN HACKSThese are real men hacks! Lazy ironing ideas, ways to tie your tie like a pro, DIY leather wallet and a lot more great manly stuff! Check it out! :)Speaking of ways to tie your tie, there are top ten different styles you're gonna discover: Van Wijk, Four-in-hand, Trinity, half-Windsor, Eldredge, Murrell, Prince Albert, Truelove, Pratt, Merovingian.Are you ready for cheap home repair hacks that will save you a fortune? I guess you are! So let's not waste time!In this video I'll show you how to use drill like a pro while repairing your house, how to upgrade the pliers with plain balloons, keep wires and cables untangled, deal with iron cable, сreate cool wall painting device and simply how to nail it!TIMESTAMPS:1:01 Collar won't stay?1:34 Napkin for the suit jacket2:33 Lazy ironing2:47 Glowing in the dark laces5:03 Shoelacing tricks8:11 How to tie your tie----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: to 5-Minute MAGIC: to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: Bright Side of Youtube: more videos and articles visit:Skinny Leonard by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (the Party by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (One by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Blues by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

pako joe


Toby hughes

Imagine if they made that wnba joke in these days, this channel would be terminated

3 words: T N T

Fran loco Noob

I Love all trick shots


For all those who think they r depressed.....i want to tell u all that

Kū Robinson

Bro this is the sickest thing ever. Thank you

.I tried to tell my mom that i had depression once but she's like: "What are you thinking? You're too young.stop it." I'm eleven years old but i feel sad all the time.i have a low self esteem.when people say "you look beautiful!" "That looks great!" "You're amazing!" Or any kind of praises i get.i insist.I like being alone in a bedroom or a small room.I don't like crying in front of's embarrassing for me. I'm sensitive when you say something like: "No.Just Go away" "i don't need you here anymore" "stay away from me".Like Aunt called me to help her out.tho i didn't feel very well. So i stayed in my bed for a few minutes and then stood up and looked for her.when i saw her she was already done.i explained what i was feeling but she said: "pft,not feeling well"and gave me a small eyeroll. Then soon my dad gave me chores but i was irritated with the stuff that has been happening to me with my classmates. Long story short 3 of my classmates hate me.and i blocked them all on messenger.and my bestfriend told me that they were talking stuff about me like: "Gosh _ _ _ _ _ your bestfriend is annoying" and "I'm so full of Grace!" Because i got mad at their bestfriend and that happened.anyway,i don't know what to do.i've been feeling down these past 2 weeks.i'm easily distracted,irritated and emotional since my pup parents don't believe me when i say i have depression and anxiety. They say i'm just on my period and all those stuff..apparently i'm way too matured for my age.i'm 11 but my mind is 14.I cut my wrists sometimes.I want to get consulted by a doctor but i don't know parents don't believe me.I always laugh around people but inside i'm always crying when i'm alone.I think i also have anxiety. Because when my mom and brother were travelling to my aunt's house i was worrying so much i bite my fingers and i can't sit down in a chair.i walk around in circles.everyday i think of myself as: "useless" "worthless" "unloved" "unlucky" "bad luck" "a bad daughter and sister" "burden" and much more.i always think of Suicidals and i say to myself:"why are you even alive?" "I wish i was Dead!" "Just kill me" "what if i just grab those pills?would anyone care? No no one would".I don't tell my mom because she says "there's no such things as depression" she doesn't believe me neither.she's always busy.whenever i tell her it just turns into an argument.same for my Dad.they just think i'm being emotional.idk if it is depression and anxiety.if you have any advice it'd be a big help if you comment it down below 😊

Francisc Giboi

"Tediore gun walks upstairs" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

1819 P6A 27 LI CHIYO

This girl’s attitude is just.. just

Sandro Tabidze

Hit or miss


This story makes you think to yourself Wtf was I upset about and why was I upset about it and how relevant was it really

The Frankistine

guys you don't make new video

Elijah Shriner

Tyler is my favorite man. This channel is amazing

Jaylen Bell

Its a remix geesh guys 🤦🏽‍♂️ these comments got me dying though😂😂😂

SuperDrummer Mira

Please post more of this.

Kai Zheng

When Tyler’s fish got shanked not only it was sad it was also the top fish which is worth 100 points

Anyone else?

Brett Edwards

its only ty making the shots

Слайд Show

Dude, perfect


and it even sounds like his name

Jason Uttam

Anyone else notice they were wearing their clothes backwards. Like if you did


lmao at that 'in bed' conversation, so random but so good! haha


Hit or Miss, she took the freaking kids Yuh!

Joshua Tomczek

U r the best


Good on NBA for banning him, no excuses even if you're part owner

Ava Dawn Gren

There book like this it’s called “out of my mind,” but it’s about girl that has some kind of disease she can’t walk, talk, eat, go bathroom and many more but her smarts has great impact on a lot people (can’t spoil you gotta read it)