29.3.19 1st Live Streaming Profit/Loss Booking

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Cool . Congo Ty 🥳🥳🥳🥳🤪🤪🤪🤭🤭🤭🐟🐟🐠🐟🐬🐳🐳

petty gamer girl

0:30 um her pinky


well bro, you JUST watched a video on it. the name was written in text in this video. which is most likely how you, my bro, got the last half of his name. so try again, bro.

Sasha Bbi

Um is it just me or the horse looks like Pitch Black's (ROTG) horse just made of water?

KoalaBoi and SealGaming

*writes comment that everyone thinks is cool and likes*


When everyone but Coby fails

Kill Me

Is this guy Jeff B? The guy who owns amazon? Ok...

history and games

This one of those vids you watch over and over again

Travis Pugh

How come only ty did the,

Shannon Peek


Payje Davis

I don’t understand love because nobody loves me

Squishy cem

Nice make up. 😸

Antonio Briceño

Okay Nintendo and The Pokémon Company--where do you want me to ship my soul to?

The Indiana Jones Show

I feel very bad 😭😢

Sleeping Conscious

I'm confirming it gta v Michael and trevor are inspired by kane and lynch still I like K and L way better it's no wonder why I always had dejavu in gta v.


I never understood how easter eggs that required you to jump through a specific part of a wall or to pull a lever and switch 50 times in a row were found out. Probably by people with no lives


Jonathan So

i love it

James The Hockey Stud 04

Cool !!!!!!!

Yeah as if the game(and the first) wasn't super dark what with using a camcorder that has a night vision that you use a LOT :P

cindy yonker


abhi shetty

Here before it makes a lot of money and my little cousin watches it a million times

Snow Animations

Thanks to this video I’m not addicted to games anymore

Kyffin Thurlow

is the gta one number 4 or ballad of gay tony?

- The Gym Coach

Calleja Ortiz

Coby the king! WOO HOO


Jenna explaining birthdays to Bunny 😂😍❤️


Nien Nunb

Americans can’t play football 😂😂😂

Thanos Thicc

I just got in an accident but I’m ok because I wore my seatbelt


Is it just me or does her accent sound like a Latina? 🤔

Vladimir Lenin

I jumped into with a parachute.

gedi .

this bitch is so god damn- oof

Me realizes there HAS to be something between both of them they MUST like each other Have a great day, everybody 😊😊😊