#2 Forex - Dlaczego Scalping na Renko i Jakie są Najskuteczniejsze Układy do gry na tych Świecach?

A o co „dokładniej chodzi” z tym Renko i na co jeszcze warto zwracać uwagę? – pełny opis przeczytasz Pobierając Sobie MÓJ BEZPŁATNY E – BOOK dotyczący Świec Renko, tj. „RENKO, TRADING Z PRZYJEMNOŚCIĄ” – wejdź tutaj: na bieżąco - zasubskrybuj Mój Kanał, a będziesz wiedział/a jak scalpować na świecach renko i przede wszystkim konsekwentnie Zarabiać na rynku Forex!Jeżeli interesuje Cię SCALPING na świecach Renko, na rynku Forex to zapraszam Cię na Moją Stronę internetową:mnie również na FB:

ardi meiwan

Again,, I love your video

Speciale Aperta

Yes! Easter eggs inside easter egg videos are back! 2:50.

Gunner Getchell


Leiram Deguzman

Warriors Fan just showed some discipline while watching the game....Warriors played the game with heart, honesty and Respect...Salute for Warriors....KD we Warriors Fan are praying for ur quick recovery


why the boom hs meme tho guru ?


Chakameh Najdabbasi



I’m the duke delemaia

The Isles Kid

Happy birthday

Evan Litz

he sounds pretty happy to give him 50 bucks

Marin Gutierrez

And its my birthday

Phase Nate


Jeremy Salazar

Lol im taking a shit rn

Sanissa Mohan

I agree with Matt about the dad joke…lol

Don Quixote

These two sound like a female sports annoucer... Playing with fire and most intelligent things actually said... 'Its pretty' and 'l'm gonna run before he kills me.'

itmejustin21 jadrien

for nerf toys you should get your on gun

Abdi Thecop

I now

Shakil Khan

I love the 18 backflips.That was very Awesome!

Venu D

l love ty but l say that coby will win

Md Mokter Shek

Team shatter train


My friend is fat but others doesn't Bully her and didn't say her fat :3 so don't be mean

Put pride to the side, I need it, aight?

André Prates

Amazing! Keep up the good work

Mohamed Asaem

Is this really? 😕

spencer rowe

Vist with Stephen curry next.

Nick Tetteroo

There's a trophy/achievement called 'praise the run' I think we all know what that's a reference/nod to

Dun Diddly

DP reply back if u wanna hang

David Zapfesmith

1:00 There's a dad doing some curious filming.

Kinq Jxe

Why does the background drawings look way better than the people in this video

Fortnite fan

Dp football 🏈

Crash Test

What is the girl's name? And does anyone think that the kid looks really cute when she smiles?


“ hi my name is Hannah “ HANNAH? ANNAH ANOREXIC?

Woah why does the friends ex and her current bf look exactly the same what


the first one isnt an easter egg, you have to walk past for a mission which triggers this cutscene


9:10 music??

Curry_ EO

What is the name of the Song at '' 17:15 - 18:36'' ? thx


L4D2 on steam allows various glitches like that and even weapon camo's fun things of that nature. Its only for Pc and Mac cuz other consoles like to take all the fun out of things.