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Molly and the Henny got me speaking different language

Decker Moy

Snowboard struggle is real

Gergő Hájos

3:34 Ted

Ryanne Elyse

spot the difference

Junglebug 4

Like for story booth

Mochi Park

#13 brazil

Crystal Cotton

this is a little anime version

Donovan Mullen

Ratchet and Clank is the best!!!

gacha person

7:55 he be standing like L from death note :/

from tales of ladybug and chat noir

Sue Millard

What else you need is to give me ur DPHQ2 to me because it looks AWESOME!!!!! 😜.Like if u agree👍

I_Is_Salty_Boi YT

I heard there's a lollipop that looks like a cigarette... don't know why

Bella n Caleb Pickering

Rockin jump

Cody Mays

THATS NOT A PILE, ITS A MOUND. Lol, recipe sounds awesome, definitely saving this one. Keep it up Sam.

sunshines only

Trending #31 in uk 🇬🇧




I think that the Panda should win! Thumbs up if you think the same! :D

lil frog legs

Do more glitch series! me: ·o·

Ouwen Huang


Yos Mo

Joseph Allen is Bruno Mars 2K2

Prince Dev

Play a football match


And add the old characters back plz

Nunu Banna

No she wasnt a “weak person” but you and the ones who bullied her were. You guys only felt good by bringing that innocent girl down and that just shows how weak y’all are.

Damian Qupak

First time I'm listening to NF and he has some gems plus the whole flow is beyond fire. Ma mans killed it and he's top 1.


New Yorkers: their in the trees!

Sugar butter Covered pieces

But seriously how is this not child abuse and against the law 🤦🏻‍♂️


100% anxious type

megan kelly

You did all you could you should be proud of that


White team cheating at end slower than Maroon

Adrian Infante

7:00 playback at x25 speed


Hello i'm french and i love America :D

f1r3 hunt3rz

Holy shiet that Prince of Persia level... I instantly recognized it the moment I saw it. Ah, sweet memories.

James Joy

so apparently to Max "Livin on a Prayer" is by Journey and not Jon Bon Jovi Lololol <3

assasinboy123 5472

Today in my homeroom class every teacher forgot about us since our teacher was gone. We started partying. Some kids came to our home room class in and out. Then some kids stole from the teacher's desk and then the worst happened they started vaping in the class room. I never smelled cigarettes before but I knew it was bad. Me and my friends covered our mouth so the gas that comes out won't get to us nor on our lungs. We had trouble breathing. I still didn't snitch on them because they would be suspended for the rest of the school year and miss a lot of their friends since it's 8th grade and they will miss a lot of exams. If you vape please don't vape in the classroom

Faze Curse


Ashley Chavez

I knew it was checkers

alex hermnanseds

1:29 the rage monster lmao

Emily Bennett

i pray for you <3

Sarah Vlogs

watching In 2k17


Q&A, What does your face look like?

DarkWolf 245


Jun Rivera

You expect too much from curry who is 6'2" not an elite defender. Dont you see how many defenders ganging up on him.

Team Dog Lover

how do u get the store to allow u guys

E.A. Champe

Eliza Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton

Ella Rodriguez

U saved ur friend from being gay, that's good

елена н

Америкосы. В СССР дети подобным занимались в дошкольном возрасте.

Doctor: that’s 4:11

? Mystery ?

I probably have BPD😦


Excellent video..

Geremy Catucod

Can you guys do skateboarding trick shots.

Original Moana

I'm not adopted but can relate to being bullied for being black once my mum came to my school and my friends stared at her and talked about her having a afro everytime my mum came around they would give her looks

Me: Wot😑

हरीश मोची

please don,t break a bottlewhy hit bottle in my leg and 10 stech coming

Henry Mwango

This is about the best Nipsey Hussle tribute thus far..#The Marathon Continues

max smelser

Spaceballs is actually a parody to starwars so…

Vipipe MMSG

Damn Rudy, Juanma and Lele all uploading on a subject from the future at the same time

Princemarvince Boa


Hanaya Amjad

🥺 I’m not crying you are 😭❤️😫