3 benda halang forex trader berjaya (kena tahu nie)

Mysti Playz

Anyone still Elsa to have a girlfriend?


Love the rolling doughnut on the Alien game :)

ScarColby Games

This is awesome please do another one pleaseLike if you agree

Trying Cherries

That first

XO_blossom _XO

This is like a girl at my school that goes on and on and on about having autism it’s ANNOYING

Shanti Rajesh

panda is dumb

I guess if you have glasses you’re officially disabled 👌🏼

Hubbit 200

Can you react to Junior Eurovision please?


It's not even trick shots

i say as I have a difficult time looking for one item amongst receipts, business cards, fortune cookies, and cocoa butter


You could start for the Raiders.

Morgan Schwalbach

Who thinks they should do a panda face reveal?

Gabriel Reymond

3:43 colorado???


Man that ending was epic, you should do more of this stuff in your next videos. I don't know why but I recognize you more when you add this kind of vines or whatever in your videos. You seem to be a funny guy irl, and I can feel it when you do that. Oh btw, that was a really good upload dude. I hope you'll keep doing what you love for a long long time.

Fares Kherfan

2018 enyone

Mehrab Awesome

wow wow wow 2009


I think the ASMR that hits me really good is the SFX like in the fixing woody scene from toy story 2

SuperBoy Steals yo Bleach

A Nessy apears...


Awesome education .. yess boooom throwing a football. He should have said . Here hold my beer.. yesssss boooooommmmmmmm


this guy is some kind of a superhero

Fatima Habib

Gosh! I'm an introvert, most definitely an introvert, and from what I do know is that you don't hate socializing, you'r just extremely awkward with it and don't know what to say and get flustered, around people you DON'T know. Like, going to a coffee shop with a bunch of friends! Your comfortable with the people around you, so its all good.

Prostitute, so she can be finally sexually satisfied

cyber punk

I was born in gs byyhdbey in Germany

Dionne Robinson

You should be 119

The Angry Shober

hey did any one see the guy's butt crack in the battle field thing or what ever