3 Simple Trading Strategies Using the MACD Part 2 👍

MACD - Tactics and Strategies. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!We already talked about how MACD is calculated and the sort of signals it triggers.The first general way people use the moving average convergence/divergence indicator is to look for crossovers in the MACD histogram - that is normally considered a signal.Momentum has died up a bit - it is a little bit quicker than waiting for the moving average crossover.I would be careful in using MACD to pick up tops or bottoms.Number two is crossing over the zero line.This is a fundamental way to get involved.When a fast moving average crosses over a slow moving average; the trouble is in a range bound market this can screw you over.The final one is divergence - price is going to a new low but MACD is not.Related VideosHow to Use the MACD Indicator Part 1 👍Simple Trading Strategies Using the MACD Part 2 👍

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