3 white Soldiers On GBPUSD - Alerting For Bullish Direction?

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Richard Goodman

Yess! 9/11 2

gboi gamer



Where is the ball at 0:09 ?


0:34 fail perfect... The end

Prabha Ramesh

Football challenge

Nick Maclachlan

Freeze-Frame at 5.10...........that green 8 dot piece is not genuine Lego............therefore this recurd is invalid, lol

Saw Gaming

I like Ty's smile :)


I eatin a burger bruh

Jucelino jose



Watching this back after i enjoyed bowling more, i cringe everytime they threw the ball on the skate park.

ggzh a


safia hashi

I am so excited!

Daniel Gonzalez

Talk Taki!!!


Left 4 dead series easter eggs

Jesus Aguilar

Why are all there prizes just normal trophies or things just painted gold? lol

Mariby Ferrer

Thays why i seré a once pesar for life

CarlitosWay 254

FunWithGuru your profile picture look like adam sandler r u?

Payton Heleine

Guru, where did you get your profile picture from? It looks like the portraits in the map Takeoff of Black Ops 2.

Paycence Marie

I have been rooting for Chandler for so long he needs to win a challenge 😁😁


Im a male and im straight, Infact so straight that my dna looks like traintracks...

Deep Emotions V

Guru I saw a person stole nearly all of your vids il try to tell u his YT name

Nayyirah Evans

I am so sorry for you

Skylar Apeldoorn

It should be called dude brees

Karthik Alankode

Coby will win a battle