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Peppachelet Jr

Gurú For What The Hell You Wait To The 5 Ep to Make An A LIS Easter Eggs ? The EE Of This Video Are From 1-4 Ep The Five So Have 1

Dechawat Kongprayoth


re e

My crush said I look like a weasel and he’d never date me

Annika Capistrano

So sad 😿😿

Gisel Lopez

Dang she got an X

Doom Boi

i thought number 1 would be where the stormtrooper hits his head of the door

Brady Shearer


Tom Wood

2:02 What’s this?


Same battle with Tom Holland pls

Sapphire YT


Black cat

Did she died form that or not?


I think that you are the best youtuber I ever watched. Man your videos are unique, love ya, Guru.

Big boy Bigy


Purple Embers

Her story is very close to how it was for me and my ex boyfriend he was verbally abusive and physically abusive alway blaming me for everything that went wrong I was his punching bag nothing I did was good enough I missed my period twice while with him thank god they were false alarms but unlike this story I can't find a way to smile I haven't fully smiled in 2 and a half years since he cheated and left me all I wanna hope is that the other girls he dated after me are ok 😭


와우........블록버스터 재난영화 뺨치네

Dezibel´s und Turbo´s

LOOOOL 5:00 xD


Stark went revivo mode

Mlg Dank rc

They changed allot over the years:v

Luxiby 22

Who this guys do that men?

Bobif Bofjxg

Kind of makes you how wonder how many times they failed those shots before they got that one time it actually worked

Corliss Smith


Azure Rathalos

after watching the trailerMe: Guessed they didn’t let it go...


Dying isn’t what bothers me. What I am afraid of, is leaving people I love behind and not living my life to the full list before my time. I want to be able to do something so that people will remember me

Brent Dorris

16 bounces

Lilliana marie Pulido

i see colored lines every where i looked


green screen trick shot

Sam Bath

2:29 Yeah ha ha ha ha....

Andy Neely

What does a fish say when it runs into a wall. Dam


Wtf Wallhack + Aimbot + no Recoil how da ????

Mythical Gaming

They need to meet up with their brother Tarzan

Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

#1 Outback ( Billabong Bar & Blooming Onion )


bloopers really show how much hard work & persistence it takes to make these trick shot vids

Sweet the Cat

Don’t worry Jen I have a cold too


I got diabetes too and I was in a bad Kenton acidosis stage at only 13 months

koolgameninja John

This is not going to be better then the new COD, the new COD is going to be way better then the new battle field game bro. the new COD will allow you to play in SPACE! thats fucken bad ass man and they will allow you to have space battle, now come on son, thats sweet. Yes the new battle field game does look awesome too, but it does not look better then the new COD, sorry but I'm with the new COD game not the new battle field.

Isla Bunting

Lmao better help don’t help no one

Tripp Snuggs

Go A&M

cazynoobin 56

Dude Perfect is the best


@TruelyLeGiTaMiTe Just let it go. Stop being so immature.

M- -Truzer

2018 anyone?

brianne martin

i love you

Game tube

Really awesome


News: Pandas are about to be extinct!DP: Don’t worry we take care of our Panda in the best way possible!

Alex S

This is the worst country 👍🏼

Matthew Behling

Looks good but we all know ea will mess it up somehow

Caulin Whitewater

gimme another splinter cell!!!


(The last easter egg) I wonder what it'd be like during a real match

I am a guy name Lia

lol rat can hold the gun XD


Dat feeling when I hear kingdom hearts music.

Kerry Shaw

10/11 bounces, I couldn't count.

Blake Passinger

I can't remember anything from being born to age 8

Minutemen Revival

Not one good game?! Sure, GTA IV was crap, but at least give RDR the credit that it's due. 3 years old, and I still go back for more.

Hey I'm Here

Single it is.

Luv u guys


I can spike hard cause i am in volleyball and i can spike hard.

Cesar Torres

hi asher i´am fan of yours love you

Veronica Wali

I thought my situation was bad.