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Distracton Episode VII –


Add dismembering in this game its what a light saber does most are not little kids playing this and we want realism ADD IT IN THE GAME THEN ILL BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

VectorVGC - UK National Champion

Monsters Inc had an A113. In the building there is a pillar with an A followed by a 13. You may think that A13 can't make sense, but If you have an A and a 13, you have A and One 13. :)

Adrian Wilson

Me 2:25

eric jiga

that duke nukem one didn't deserve to be on the list, it was ripping on halo somewhat, and wasen't even trying to hide the reference, it was just as crude and un thought out as the rest of the game, the rest of the list was realy good though.

(I know it's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure let me try to be funny)

└📁 Bad Songs

nębÜłå_ ßtätë


Thomas Muller

Well, The Rage Monster is still considered normal compared to HowToBasic.....


i dont even have to kick *show the comment* to know what its says = ='

Danielle Taylor

Well I thought you were a monster but you really not😊


い た そ う

Bev Tyre



Ya that’s not what ocd is ocd is like (meh ocd)where u u HAVW to do things more time and fall randomly and ur brain tells u what to do(her ocd) where Bad thought)

Joel Ortega

Im the mr no touchie


Please more overtimes

Tiago Vilchez


Alyssa Merino

I’m not sure but you can’t not fear death but you can be prepared for it right?

Super Slovak

My friend thought cheif was dead when he wiped the glass clean. I told him spartans never die their just missing in action.

iWinUlOse 77

Still lonely tho

twist their fingernail until it comes off


Br 🇧🇷

Save The world

He is Elon musk

Memes that save ur life

i think a nerf gun room and a secret basement and finale a giant warship battle room with real ship!