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they also did when i finally came out as bigender

naser 77 Naser

Don't be naughty the naughty list says Dead or alive.

Justin mArqUez

666 dislikes....... Total |/o\_K

_ MarshMallowZ11 _

I live there

And definitely less painful😅

Imran Abbasi

My favorite shot is bloopers

Rico Rico

My hair will never be as beautiful as as used to be at leasts your hair is growing back.


I wonder if the duck lady is an actor


Idk why but the girl at 0:48 looked like Kendall Jenner lol

Anhaar’s Journey

All the countries need NHS like my country the UK, life matters more than money!!

Helen Apodaca

Boyfriend: buys food for me

Fifa Player Tom

Panda is the twins coz u can swap them over for the other one

Russia : !

Cat Girl


misuto Tsume trollz

you forgot in guardians the dark elf

jasmin tentacion

my mom will never care she even wants me to die so duhhh . I haven't seen my dad in 8 years. no one cares even if she know she will tell me to go kill my self like always


My mom would of gave me a brother if she didnt jump in a river a month later