6.2 Market maker brokers pretending to be ECN brokers

Forex brokers list - video – Difference between ECN, market makers and STP Forex brokers - our Forex brokers training video tutorials - are a few market maker brokers out there that you need to be careful of. The reason why is because they are literally pretending to be ECN Forex brokers and this is what entices people to sign-up for a live trading account. As all market making activity used to be processed through a dealing desk a lot of market makers have abolished it and now promote themselves as an ECN broker because they have no dealing desk. However, just because they have no dealing desk does not mean that they are a true ECN broker. Instead, all their market making abilities are passed on to their liquidity providers or other third party counter-trading banks and financial institutions., The reality is that the market making processes still exist within those brokers’ but they are processed somewhere else. This does not provide traders with real market conditions and in fact, they have ended up in exactly the same situation where they started. For a full explanation, watch our video tutorial.


Lol that ending 5:02

Georgette Ø

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David Marin

Watch dice release battlefield: bad company 3 after battlefield , that would be the best shit dice will ever do

Kaidra OE

this moving statues form doctor who easter egg is coming in every video game! LOL


But Trump says there's no such thing as climate change. Now Im confused


Said Charanek

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Life of Kain


william marshall


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Inactive Boi

1:42 Cody takes off his red shorts XD

Amina Shah

You look like one of the guys in smosh

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You should have told someone sooner😂

my name is Elijah

Plot twist:

Queen Rosé

This story shows how lucky we are that we aren’t born in North Korea... In our country, we have human right and especially a freedom! We can do whatever we want but not those works that can kill and hurt the other peoples... May I ask, Can the President of the North Korea change? I’m not asking a bad question because compare to our country, every like 6 years the president in the country would be changed.... People in the country votes their favorite president to present their country..That is FREEDOM because we can do whatever we want and choose whatever we like...


I think your confused kid............... its not fake I know the guys, i work in movies mate and i have analized it. ITS NOT FAKE GET OVER YOUR FUCKING SELF X you little bitch :)


94 skill points to spend? seems legit...

Genesis Rodriguez

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Brando 1456

Should of roasted them in Russian

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The way Codes purposely put the RC in the goalie... Aw my heart




Well you finally did a video with easter eggs and your voice.I can finaly die in peace.

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Here before all the kids in the morning wake up and see this.


how long does it take to do one segment of a easter egg i mean like when your trying to complete it and another question is how many times have you raged while trying to do one when it wasnt working or something :D

liam bilger



Guru, at the Black Museum episode, i think you missed the Crocodile bathtub , the USS Callister DNA machine, all the cookies and San Junipero's references (all of these were quite obvious) and the kidnapper from the first episode at the bottom of the museum. Great job though :D

Overall it looks good. Not breathtaking, like the two cancelled games could have been, but decent enough. Will play it.

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Looks like he got stung by a bee

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If you listen carefully, I believe Skip has finally praised Kawhi in today’s segments. In his own way at least 😅


This brought me to tears. I’m male and was molested by my pears in the 10th grade. I told teachers and my parents but was told that I was begging for it and that I’m a wimp. I’m glad your story had a good ending. Much love ❤️


"To a 17 year old mother, who was only 17 at the time"

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At the end trick shot!

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Fortnite stereotypes


Out of all the songs from COD zombies, 115 from Black Ops 1 is easily the best.



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At the help me part with the  zombie it says die in it.

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Ending was pretty funny

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why does youtube keep trying to recommend this video to me? is youtube trying to tell me something

Beatbox & Minecraft & And More! ii_BeatboxAirval

Is 2016 is no. Is 2015.

Zahir Sookoor


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Basketball fan stereotypes LIKE IF AGREE!


He didn't delete it.. Either he got copyrighted or he wants us to go to the computer which I hate.


This is news?

Aries Baynham


Tuấn Kiệt

You writed by Vietnamese

My Life


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They are very bad at throwing frisbees

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Are you Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie?

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Did you know that Tom Brady was accused of making the footballs more flat so there Easier to catch

Creation 123

I came to this channel because of friend of mine and I am never leaving

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Quail Man!