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The idiot that got subs - That’s me

Nice shot! I Unsubscribe

Master Ryan


i love wwe

I failed high school cause I didn't study

Gear Exhaust

That bastard must be punished for what he had done.


The old, white LeBron James.


My cousin was kinda in a situation like that but it’s a little different if anyone wants to know what happened I can tell you but mostly she been out of the relationship and had recovered very well.


Yeah definitely getting it :D

Amanda Sunka


super man

Better than steph and lebron


why did I think it meant that she was in a coma for 10 years.

Fresh Inky Boi

Oof thats why I'm never going parachuting or any dangerous stuff


Mr. shappy Jr-music creater and

Wait how can Tyler be on wheel unfortunate he’s also Ned


plot twist: her parents were the voices in her head, and paul and dad's girlfriend was raising her all along.

Hoàng Bê

Hello i am Viet Nam t rất thích video của các bạn và luôn ủng hộ các bạn

Jackura Games


Alex S

This is the worst country 👍🏼

Secret Duty

Is the beeped part the F word?

Matthew Cowan

I’m working in a retail store at 18 and know I’m going to be someone. I’m going to publish this app and I’ll be on this channel telling you all my story 🙌🏼


Will the PC version be compatible with rumble when played with a PS4/Xbox One controller? And will extract magic be faster this time? Probably my 2 only concerns since I was kinda used to feel the rumbling when correctly executing Squall's trigger.

Sock Legs

Love ur vids dude been watching them for a while and I like the change you've done instead of games into movies just movies


2019 anyone


Someone explain to me why the whole aim of Far Cry 4 is to put your mothers ashes in a shrine.. Seriously you are SUPPOSED to fight people and do a fucktone of quests for that bullshit? Someone explain why it's so important

Robyn Cox

come back to africa

CappyPie 82



As a Raps fan, felt shitty when seeing other fans cheering when KD got hurt. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Im surprised they put him in, knowing he was questionable. Hope for a speedy recovery, he was great to watch him play ball, and knowing this injury will negatively affect his game moving forward, is just downright heart breaking.

Andrea Töltl


Vlad Dumitrache

he`s white , that should make me proud


1 like= I punch to this so called “friend”

pepe Marston

Every one knows slappy

Angelina Williams

this channel is faker than my eyebrows

Deaton 15

One is 😔

Ethan Raptor

Some people even if it’s sad need to know somethings are just beyond your control it’s not your fault.

Reese Peters

you need to film with a hockey player


LBJ is the man


do a third part please

Sophie Davidson


Kiki Thorn

Why not just pour some bleach into his water? Like if he wants to attack you just end him ^

Lee Yana

That's one freaking annoying friend for sure