#70 PAMER PC 110 juta - THE DUKE

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Pradeep Naga

I trust coby he will win abattle

Vishakha Mehta

my favourite stroke was of tyer

Hunter Rodrigez

i feel like the fallout 4 one is a bit of a stretch... i mean if the skeleton had been sitting on the stairs of the library then sure but as it is i think its just one of the many skeletons in the game that tell little stories

I don't wanna play no games, play no games 🤣🤣🤣

Antonina Piwkowska

She was obviously not healthy wtf

motherfudger s

your just too dumb to notice that and hate on an innovative game.. of course the game has its flaws too, but you CAN complete all missions in very different styles. you just have to find them yourself and not expect them to be proposed to you by the game


rob dyrdek is from kettering ohio and that's my home town

abigail Osborn

Red headed boy. Hi A.R.M.Y

1 like = 1 friend for ella 😇

angie mutua

Do basketball trick shots

collin ruffner

Its beautiful to see these guys using their platform to make this kids day!

Outcast Millennials

which one of you pays for this?

Ambika Pandit

30 bounces

Negaría Rodríguez


JeRe 888

Like for more overtime

Lord of The YouTube



every feminist in every rape accusation

Mary Lee

My middle name is Robert

Shock Shane

All of the both

Emily Vitan

film at santa monica peir in LA



Sean Paul Gatoc

Pls makes this blue

Nctrnl Mjsty

Kyle Kuzmas thought process : if i get my arms sleeved out I'll be alright at basketball... Lol syke!

J.A.R. 369

In courage the cowardly dog there was that Asian guy who is in every episode

Ice Tea

1.44 found that one out myself :3

Stealthy Bro24

Matt’s calling himself dumb

Punchus S.

Too good mqn keep it up

Gatcha_Cookie Ok

If i ever do e that i would fail