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lion popsicles

Oh my goodness!?! 😭😭 The blackouts that she got!?! Were similar to mine😭😭😭 I often believed crazy things about myself!?! Great thing it only happens before I sleep... I would imagine things then wakes up having memories of these things... Oh my goodness😭😭😭😢😢😢 I thought this was just my pride😣😣😣 and oftentimes blame myself for that😢😢😢 I would cry and have deep conversations with some characters that I create and all of the sudden I have there words coming out of my mouth without realizing it😢😢😢😢 it will stop whenever I realize that or maybe if somebody was looking at me or had their attention on me... that is why its so hard for me to stay in a place without doing anything... Its so hard dealing with this restless mind that constantly makes me feel so tired even if I slept for a long time... sometimes I would even tell myself to stop using the phone so I could sleep but whenever I stop in the lone darness in my room staring at the ceiling thinking... just the mere thinking... would make me feel so crazy and energized and soooooo moody and then I could just stare for the whole night thinking it was all just a dream... but the staring.... would bring me to my insanity... that is why I'd rather using the phone until I could sleep rather that staring in my reality that never even existed... 😭😭😭


lol this is funny, but seriously, they cannot do this shit in one take, how many takes to they do?


2 spoopy


😭get back Rachel on more of your videos😭😭

Jake Cotton

Can't wait to play this on ps4 soon!

EpicPlayer 226

Panda Ambush was the best

Inferino 16987

Ttyy the cat


E-Girl Eliminated, regroup at base.

Veronica Casarez

Go to Greece


naetacia copeland

As a woman of 5'1.. This spoke to me on a personal level

Bebe Goood

Both legends

gary jacques

Beautifully done

Carter Compton

When cody said my LITTLE Cody’s aren’t happy with me did he mean sperm

R.O 15 Roblox

Yes. I had an dream that I died

Lemonade Juice

rolling donut...they see me rollin' they hatin'!!

- plenty of lightsaber executions and brutal ones like from Shadows of war


Trending 24 in France. French Once I FANCY U

Stewart Brown

The CN tower in Canada

Shrinidhi kodur

Great job guyzz!Can you make a video on piercing an arrow with another arrow?

vixx D

my mom had this and i was so damn scared


where is Coby?IS HE PANDA?????????????????????????????


I’m at 16 Subs but I will not give up!

Sid Pablo

Fake News

preeja kp


Ruth Lim

Suggestion: eat 10 ghost peppers at once


Hey man can i use this clip on my show and ill give you credit? Thumbs up man great video.

Bronwen Alvah

"She's not a sandwich!" Lmao🤣❤❤

Treedy /

Bottle flip lvl 100

Yoosuf Zayyaan

I got panda

Jessica Alphin


Libra freedom

omfg u're awsome


Please do another one of this trick shot video

Geezus Iyeero

why am I crying

Ankuran Das

0:33 This gives me a sense of MoanaMaybe there is her Cameo


DDuDudDudeDude PDude PeDude PerDude PerfDude PerfeDude Perfec Dude Perfect

Watermelon Kid

the noises the fish flops made on the counter was really amazin!!


Alan Teeter

1:02 did anyone else see the blitz ball stuck on top of the light?

D'Angelo Ortiz

Please one more chance for chandler we all now he really tried.✊


Hi guys