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Promithium Cro

My girlfriend is from Philippines and I am from Croatia, I know it's really far away from each other but we try to talk every day as much as we can, and seeing this story it somehow reminds me of I'm not dying or anything but she is always super worried about me and hopes that God won't take me away from her....I haven't told my parents because I don't know how will they react but I know it won't be good...they always try to get me of my phone so I don't talk to "strangers"...we are together almost a month now and I've never experienced this much love from anyone like I did from her...I just love her to my core...she cries when we are in call begging me to be safe and to take care of myself..she tells me she doesn't know what will she do without me...I'm always trying to get time to talk to her, I sacrifice my sleep every night just to get few more hours to talk to her, I'm trying to do anything to make her happy...and seeing this after she cried to me to be safe, I just burst into tears rn...knowing how much she loves me and I hope one day I get chance to marry her..our dream lives one only wish is ....


ya and the first time i found a loot midget i craped my self

Cotton_Cat 23

Ana Lol Ty in background

Clemente Cámbara

Good video man, love the editing. Thanks for the heads up on TLOU 2, I'm now hyped as shit.

Macfie Kids


Payton Fangmeier

mace windy vs nick fury

Laszlo Kiss

"You were supposed to bring balance to the soy not desoy it"


Title a little misleading. Should at least be called Baseketball edition. Pretty much all basketball shots


I'm from Texas. I don't think Texas Roadhouse is anything special. Neither is Outback.. What you need to try is Longhorn Steakhouse!

Aidan Van Os

march 2019

Lol like everyone goes out deliberately trying to find jobs that literally causes them stress and misery. You're pathetic and I'm not even going to point out the obvious as to why not everyone will be able to get their "dream job" but I'm sure "black-rap-concious brotha" talking down to us and telling us the obvious and admonishing us about us wasting our lives trying to live - will surely make a difference. Nice try but I hear no answers and this video has no point, what was the purpose of it anyway? To make another "declare the obvious/pseudo motivational" video? Or to show the world what a narcissist you are while collecting that sweet ad revenue? Or maybe I'm overthinking this and you assholes just like the sound of your own voice that much.

Carly Edwards

That sucks bells

Mason Niblack

Where is Garret during all of this?


I would punch him up kick him up and then say ooooofffffff

Maelich Arn

Darth Dreadnought (the Juggernaut when you set him on fire looks like a Darth of some kind)!!!

Video Axis360

Lol they used wii sports resort music in the bow arrow section

Sanjay's game play

We need built a boat 2 and 3

Joy Steen

0:30 how her fingers look kind of disturbs me...

Monika & Adam Da Channel

All the clips have been edited to push the bullshit narrative the videos creator was obviously going for, absolutely no context at all.

Pratham Lalwani

I am here after 40 million views:)lol......😄