Africa's biggest secret !!! / Lesotho // Vlog 023

My links;Instagram // // place is amazing, the people were so friendly, the waterfall was jaw dropping and the drone shots we the dream !Gear;DJI OsmoDJI MavicSony RX100 VMusic;Zulu music - info on Lesotho;

Marcus Galicia

God bless your famliy

Why is life so cruel!!!

Mace 2.0

7:28 congratulations, you killed The Stig.

Kenneth Jurls

2 things I didn't like about this game. How short it was, and how they focus so much on driving and racing

6. Mr Salty Guy That Always Dies First


I like these videos you made. There straight forward, erring, and can't stop watching them. Reminds me of old youtube videos.

Bi Bo!

Yo dude honestly you are the best channel on YouTube I love your vids so much and am always exited to watch you next (or even old) vids. Please stick around forever it would mean the world to me and many other people on this platform


37th. please dont reply

um.. sexist much??

Luffy- Desu

garett is the most dangerous hitter in their squad

איתי רושצקי


Nickrapq 1

I thought there would be a ton of monty python and the holy Grail references.

Holow Huntres

It was a cookie

Cashel McElhatton


angel madrid

song name?


Great video, already want to kick the dude in his nuts, feed him them, and kick him down a cliff. But I honestly don't understand what love is, sure I understand my parents love, and I'll accept it with open arms. But people who doesn't belong in my family. Well, I just feel like I don't even need love from others. And this is why I have no friends! I'm sorry if this made no sense, but when I typed this out it was already night.


Isnt dawnbreaker the name itself an easter egg? The deadric artifact dawnbreaker in tes 5? I might be wrong...

TheLastOfUs Pro

what happened to the brute at the end, when he was standing with his arms out like that, also happened to me on the last of us. I walked out of a house and Henry was just floating there in the air though.

Ross Livingston

Ty perfect

lil ehan

Wiz got a bag for this lmaoooooo

Tricia W

maybe you did me Jesus, atheist my ass someone please get the holy water

İsmail Can Taştan

Türk var mı?


wat does this hav to do wiht bball??


Did the artist think we would be confused if she wore a different top??? 🤔

Eyeball Paul

IT'S been two years why haven't this blown over yet?

Jay Pickett

I also found the girl singing fortune son.

frances ortiz

Do shark tales

Ruben Nogueira

10:05 mano y mano??? Jajaja


4:42 look at his parents faces closely

Dunzhi Jialuo

4 was creepy as shit



My Name Jeff

Its not battlefield 1942 its 1943

Meadow Shadow

I know girl life is tough with OCD

Tricksters 1000

Film in kerala

sal passalacqua


Markuss Beinarovičs

How she shaved her head at sleep?

CJ Ball

Why did you not show DOGE from Brodys car lol

Josiah Regacho



Why the fack do men treat women like animals and yes I think of this man as a monster

Some examples would be Initial D and Dragon Ball Z. The original Tokyopop dub of Initial D was trying to reach an audience that watched The Fast and the Furious and MTV everything was "Bro" and "dawg" so to me the Japanese audio just matched better. My brain can't handle the Japanese audio Goku because I grew up to the old English dubs.