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Svet the Saiyan


cong cong

I‘m really angry about her father, he definitely gets away from the responsibility of bringing children up with an excuse of enrolling into the army.

Cory Smith

These songs are so damn catchy.... and literally all they sing about is how they fuck hella hoes...have lots of money..sprinkled with weed smoking

Matthew Mazza

Steph curry

Bluestar99 Playz

Raptors fans are disgusting..just cheering for a players even signaled them to shut up

Carter Clary

I have ski in da deer valley

Short Round

Burger King lost me with their milkshake gaffe.


Yep that hurt my eyes in a dark room as well 😂

Aiden Burke

lil baby and gunna arent good on this beat

Shannon Chow


The snorer

Gandbadraa Badraa

IM watching this video at 2018 Winter olimpics. Lmao who else

jonathan miranda

His character looks like keaunu reeves


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Yammo Yammamoto

Soo I'm trying to understand feminism and cultural relativism...

Klay Muser

I think the big fish is dead because when I went there it was in the same spot.

Gabriella_100 labrada

Cody is so funny and a good guy

"ohey lady, im just looking for an easter egg, hope you dont mind"


Gurus Book of Secrets in the kids hand @ exactly 6:00

Delmy Figueroa

Film a soccer trick shots with FC Barçalona like if u agree

Furious Man

Is it only me who watches at 2019.

Sunita Vishwakarma

I'm anxious type. I need constant closeness.

Noah Gosling

Jamie Benn used to play on my cities whl team the Kelowna Rockets

Mr Fury



i find it weird that i rewind or view this video alot

Federico Perrone Donnorso

not really nice

Exbor Minecraft

What day you want to make BH9?

!!!!!! #RestInPeace @nipseyhussle 🤝🏿RAYMOND LEE WASHINGTON & STANLEY "TOOKIE" WILLIAMS #RaymondLeeWashington &


How 'bout team cukeOr lody

YMT mxkhai

I don't get number 7

Heather l


Bryan Carrera

The one in batman might mean in batman arkham origins you would play in arkham oringins

Wait.... thats Tyranitar


Cody is the one who didn't use a coaster this time. He isn't aware of his own rules😂

Cecil Henry

CN Tower in Toronto Canada!!!!!

jerrey guterrez

Best song ever


where's the monster factory easter egg on the map? i cant find it anywhere and i just gotta know

Big Puppy

Ty and Cory got robbed

Jack Blade

Finally, "Elder scrolls VI: Maerim" comes out.

It's Gacha Allen here ;-;

This is so sad 😢😭 the old days are soo sad and great(I call it meroreis) crys


Make a jj watt edition

bilkis begum

They are gods of flipping water bottle

Weaboo Jones

Music Easter video eggs

Spartacus Smith

Yo I legit just looked up Easter eggs and this popped up.

Susan Jacobs

That is a cool slingshot so awesome 😀.

GachaGalaxyQueen Laila

Bijuu Mike

Jose de Vicente


Dalani Schraufnagel

When are you going to brake the worlds highest basketball shot

Ru3dy vlogs

team garret


oh so thats what the last one was about

Brad Wood

John wick vs Punisher

Mecha Dash

fallout 4 is new vegas