An Introduction to Forex Strategy Builder

First video in a Series introducing the software found at This time it is on Introducing Forex Strategy Builder. I can be found in the Automated Trading Section under the thread Forex Strategy Builder and Trader. I encourage you to use this fabulous software and to join both sites. Primary support, forum and software is to be found at Mr Popov is generously developing this software as open source and it is free for all to use. Always run on a Demo. Forex trading is a high risk activity. Only go live with a strategy after exhaustive testing.

1in30 T

Lmao I forgot about this game 😂


How can expect people to accept who you are when you can't accept your own self to begin with.

Swetha Nair

Cody looks so young

Xhxpexedits Yoll

The title got me confusion 🤷🏾‍♀️

Truc Linh Tran

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Hotrod animations

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Reese Vlogs

No... can I be rich now

TMP_ Dafetatic

I’m so happy to see this video, you guys helped these kids, also you teach them how to play sports, Good job showing your love to these kids and showing them that you guys are special too. Thank you. Like this if this is Dude perfect’s top 10 best videos!

Aaron Howser



Tali= the best character in the series!!!

Joan Wright

No one knew what a latte was!? Well now the world runs on coffee so that’s a change

Hayden Morse

Here is Love by City of Lions

Hazel Wass

panic! At the disco

j03y Moesa

Top 10 funny easter eggs #pliz

GuideBeauté Jeu

theres just Alaia vomiting on a phone and Elle playing with slime while their family just sold out the staple centre in one minute

Kathyjane Schaufler

Was that hitman one real though?

Guilherme Frascati

Wow! This is amazing! This action its so beautiful! Simply amazes me !

homayoun ahmadzai

give them credit


4:13 In Soviet Russia,Chickens fry you

Nirmala Devi

Iron man lead the avengers


ima turn my YouTube channel around some day

Locklin Stewart

Th looks like Tyler Toney

Stephanie DuCharme

well done guys invite me in your battles

vortex eruption

Video is hilarious 😂

овов иддмда


Keep fighting ❤️


also in the mario world area there is a secret room in the back that you can only reach by jumping on to the top of the level

Javier Castro Lopez

A like cobi

Chris S


Daniel PlaysYT

Um I have lots of depression about a lot of things plz help me have some tips to calm me? I can't stop crying

0:36 Juanpa=healthy

Josh Dalglish

6:42 girl I have the same fact shirt

Cesar Gamez

Pizza Planet Truck = Illuminati


It’s your fault idiot

Anju Dangol

We know your name, Joseph Allen !! Kathmandu, Nepal 🇳🇵

Tygo Engel


Dan Pewpewman

They make CP3 look tall

Duaa Elsayed

I dont really believe the ugly people exist, nah I am not that person who acts nice and calls everyone pretty, its just that I am sure that we say that all human beings are beautiful for a reason, basically we all have something beautiful within us the thing can be literally anything and yhe fact that everyone is pretty means that we all have that "thing", we dont have a perfect person that we compare ourselves to soooooo we have no definition for how a beautiful person should look like, people say that whats inside matters the most because even if you believe that you are ugly, if you're actially funny or kind or nice to people they will see this as you beautiful "thing" and thats why we call everyone pretty

Tricker Shots

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