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Midnight Pastel

I'm jamming his sonar

Rajani Unnikrishnan

3:20 my favourite scene

Unicorn Lover

I’m allergic to artificial grass and lots of detergent

I would never talk to or associate with him ever again and he'd be humiliated by the whole school. Pretty easy. Not like I haven't done similar things before. This girl was way too wimpy. She needed to stand up for herself. It was so obvious he was never a friend. I thought this was gonna be a video about how it just came out of nowhere; like he was a creep who acted normal and friendly and then touched her without warning, but she had several warning signs. She was stupid.

WillKKPlayZ X!

if yu try out for nba u would be unstoppable


great video and concept!

Stephen Russell

its was the costume its from batman beyond a animation set in the future where batman to old and gets someone to become batman

Jake Sparrow

@xxDaredevil20xx faker haha


Have fun playing BF4 reskined suckers


so basically Detroit become human but with more kick ass

Josh Therrien



Deutsche Sprache und schön? Das ich nicht lache XD

John Sade

Inga is so cute

Gaming with Sportsking

ty barly wonthe drone hit the ground at zero ty 3 out of 4 cory 2 out of 4 watch the part in slow mosnion

Caroline Booker

james got kicked from the squad


Music ?

Buddy Thebeau

Make one with den bryant

Lulu Not my name lol

It’s #35 trending in the UK! Wooo UK Atiny unite 💪

Shauté Eucalyptus

I’m sorry..


Make an episode special for the dlc map fog! There are soooooo much easter egg on that

Breanna's World

I have a problem like this too except I’m friends with both of them and they hateeee each other :( idk what to do

Bot 8953

Why were you useing hockey gear

Julio Sibrian

Make kyrie irving

kaltrina Muharremi

i hope that my bff is going to protect me that way that poly protectet you

Jolie Jolie

someone ever did this to me and i did not act the same way as Jasmine

Hector Rubin


كردستان قوى

ohh my gosh jessica sleeps with black niga ???? oh thats hot

Anna Jones

I do

My guess on what the title is going to be for the sequel

The FleshEatingMouse

um this does not look hard because you look realy dfar up somewere this might be easyer then i thout (but cool)

Hacker_ JackerYT

Lol its a doge 😂😂 and that is why a dog key is needed for dat


No end credit meme? Son, I am dissapoint :(

Christina Boucher

I wish I could meet the ace family i look up to u guy still and u got the most beautiful family ever and I no that it would never happen just my wishes cause the area I live in not very many people get the chance to do things like meeting famous people or becoming their dreams they would want in life it's very hard to accomplish a lot especially where I live it's a very small town in we don't ever see famous people around here or even visiting very often I think like Jennifer Garner did like a month ago or so ago wants me back to a school which is really cool cuz we never see famous people walking to Vermont and I went out it was so awesome cuz she was reading to little kindergarteners and it was amazing I wish I was able to meet her that day though so like stuff like that doesn't ever happen for me

Why are we forced to play as this young obiwan on training wheels beta male?

Gacha Michi

I wish I could help you 😕🙁☹️

Max - Audio & Video

Just those ordinary, swetty, too violently boosted Battlefront saber sounds.... Would love to hear some The Force Unleashed 2 swing sounds instead which is all cut from the Ep II final duel scene.


Lol this is the first video of dude perfect

Alan Hukle

Team corily

Banana Stella

seriously stop commenting 2018 thing


Rocey cat

Why they didn't fix your nouse enywey?