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YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?

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nisha bhayani

Who is jeff toney aka mr p

Tracey Duffy

Yes he


this is so fake the basket ball is going a totally different direction then it suddenly movesand goes into the hoop

ItsJohnK Roblox

The video of DP with fewest views!

Annoying-voice-girl: I am getting bullied for being homophobic and not agreeing with the fact, that everyone deserve human rights.. WHat hAve I dOnE??!!

Toni Krasimirov


Corrupted Healthy

Hopefully this has more action than the last Frozen movie :/ the only reason i dont rlly like it is because it stolr lion kings spot ;-; honestly lion king is bettet just saying im not sending hate to Frozen or thr fandom of it ^^'

Judson The Pro

4:42 I’m from Alabama.........ROLL TIDE ROLL🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

Squelchy black mud 3

Why the fuck isn’t this on spotify


Redding, California 2018 (Colorized)


Ya know, you forget 1 stereotype in every vid, that stereotype is the normal stereotype

9409mm gaming time Lol

You broke down a tree for this video 😭

Alex Ortiz

*opens elevator* O-O Oh...

iigang cop

Whreres dantdm there you said he was youre twin

Christine Canfield

fashion show. fashion show. fashion show at lunch.

Justaguy AroundYoutube

when someone asks for those “Picture”. 12:41

Leonel Zepeda

how old are you

Jake Davis

damn that was a curveball

I put quotation marks because talent isn’t born, it’s made ❤️

Adi BluYu


Phoebe’s Corner

“lol yeah his parents burst in with a belt with a picture of him holding hands with a guy”

Colin Dubnik

OMG!!!! dude, that wuz perfect


Dude Perfect - Destroying the environment with Mio

Kenya Yamileth Hernandez Cruz

My frst bok was rbbits

David Kang

Dude Perfect: Redneck Edition

Annonymous Hoodie

They invented the gopro after th gopro was invented


What did ethan show her on his phone?


Only 74 civilians died in Avengers 1?!

Redboi07 Schonberg


MS Productions

Editors: What should we put in the trailer?Disney: Yes

Leeland Gurney


jasius virtudes

i cant believe seamus and spoon missed that easter egg on alien colonial marines they found the switch but they didnt go back

teddy sulk


T&E -Movies & more

I recently made a YouTube channel. Pls give me a chance.🥺🥺🥺


i love his description on the one hitman eatser egg at 2:39


You say ask in the comments. Honestly your probs gonna get roasted if you ask about the joke in the comments

kitty kat

The baby vomited 🙄 anyways why are these people famous? J.lo is a hard working woman and these fools meeting j.lo like they work their asses off to get famous like her..

Ben ya guy 69

Cody and dad

gtcocmail gtcocmail

Why do you allways lose

Xxxx69erxxxX lolXD

2:37 hes not peeing he is busting a nut XD

kuba krupa


bagas dwi admoko

i can't wait!!


I didn't no 3 is on 😱

Rexing Wolf

Bro they literally beeped out “bullied, bully, and bulling”

President Gaming

Why was that bad?

Texas Edition


Alex Howard

2:44 Why even..

Hanul Choi

But... what about texas chainsaw massacre family dinner???