Audi North Miami Lied To Me and Cost Me Over $1000…

This is the forum thread on Audizine about the car I was going to buy:current RS7 was not the first one I tried to purchase. There was another vehicle, a Certified Pre-Owned 2016 Audi RS7 Prestige from Audi North Miami. I discovered that Audi North Miami lied to me and mislead me about the condition of that vehicle. I am making this post hoping others will learn from my experience. I will never do business with this dealership and have lost trust in the Audi CPO process.I found this car on March 25th, reached out to the dealership and expressed interest the following day. The car had a perfect CPO report, clean one-owner Carfax with no accidents and regular maintenance. I assumed a CPO car from a major Audi dealer would be a safe purchase, just like my CPO S4 (which was essentially perfect over 2.5 years and 30k+ miles). My friend went into the dealership to take a look at the car for me, he discovered severe damage to the underside of the front bumper and carbon splitter. The dealership refused to fix this damage, since it was underneath the front end of the vehicle. Every single time I brought up the damage to the front end the response I received was “this car is beautiful, it’s like new, super clean” and “you're getting such a good deal, I can’t touch the car at the price you're getting it, can’t put it in the air to fix that”. I eventually give up on this and decide I would have it fixed once the car was back in Michigan. After some difficulty with basic math on the purchase price, dealer fees and taxes, we finally get everything finalized. Money and paperwork are exchanged, I book a trip down to Miami to pick up the vehicle and drive it home. On the afternoon of April 2nd, I am browsing Audizine and come across a thread about the exact vehicle I was purchasing. Another forum member had taken the vehicle for a test drive and found very clear evidence that the car had been in an accident, and very poorly repaired. He posted pictures of the paint around the fuel door and rear quarter panel, showing cracking paint which indicated the vehicle had been in an accident, poorly repaired and repainted. I contact the dealership and ask if they were aware of this on the vehicle, the answer I get is “You are getting such a good price on the car, you are not financing through us and we gave you a $1250 discount, therefore we are making no money on the car”. I respond that my price and discount are irrelevant to if the car’s condition and how it has been represented to me. The car has a clean Carfax and passed your CPO inspection, the dealer insists that the car is “perfect and beautiful.”. At this point I had completely lost trust in the dealership and requested that the deal be cancelled, the dealership agrees to return my money and cancel the deal. The next morning, a different sales manager from Audi North Miami calls me. He wanted to see what went wrong, what happened, since the deal was so close to being closed, why did I want to cancel it. I explained the entire situation to him, and he says “Oh, we were supposed to disclose that this car had been repaired in that area and had damage”. He then apologizes and assures me that he would make sure the deal was cancelled and I received my money back. This confirmed that multiple sales people and managers at this dealership lied to me and purposefully mislead me about the condition of the car. I count myself extremely lucky that I discovered the forum thread about the car and will never do business with Audi North Miami again. I spoke with the forum member who test drove the vehicle and he echoed my experience; the dealership would not answer his questions about the paint cracks and damage to the vehicle and refused to give him the CPO inspection report. This ordeal was extremely stressful and frustrating, my trip was non-refundable, and I still had to go into the dealership to meet with a finance director and pick up my check, then rent another vehicle to drive home. When I reached out to the dealership afterwards to try and resolve the situation, they informed me that I have no basis to complain, I still came to Miami and filmed some videos. Obviously, I had to make the best of the situation, I was not going to sit in my hotel room and sulk. I did the best I could with the situation, but I went down to purchase a car and drive home, which did not happen. I have owned multiple Audi’s and love the vehicles and brand, I find it extremely unfortunate that I had to go through something like this, and I hope no one else has to deal with something like this either.

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