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Hotknight123 -

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George Pertessis

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Rainbow Pugsealicorns

I am scared of death because I do not know what will happen after I die...

Her: I was with you because I thought you would love me even if we didn’t have a baby. She should have said this.

Cody McKeown

i really doubt thats possible ;)

SophiaGacha Lilly


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TMT Lamonte

Tmtlamonte helicopter crash

Waffle Grimes

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The Tiki tails nation

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Evan Hoy

Did they turn that one time game mode from a year or so ago into a full game lol I'm dead


How do you find relics?

Dream fiesty Fox

before i watxh this the thumbnail looks like a person dyed their like Bijuu Mike so when i click it.. Literally Nobody:

Amadeo Iafelice

What is the name of the song when you were showing the Madden 12 easter egg?

Ze Yu

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Amber _Wolf


If a DLC is beging made do it ol'whistleblower like!

Trent Torrence



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Chad Morrow

When i was 10 i spent a solid...three, maybe four hours doing the rocket + health box by the scarab way to get up to the scarab gun

bill gates : hold my beer

BlueIvory Art

I knew it was Kim Jon ung in the first 5 seconds 😂😂


4:50 "Quin Bumblebee"

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Like when it’s 2020 I’ll also edit my response in

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The Original Potato

1:25 ...? His skin colour on his face is white but on his hand it is black

Angel Morales


Brielle Caddell

She went mad because she got a B.....

Mr. Luke

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I was told I can convince but I am not able to carry a child to term, which is fine, I don't have the desire to have children anyways but I thought I would share my sister's story. The due date was initially October 3rd, but it fluctuated given that my sister was unsure of when the baby was conceived but of course, the baby popped out a little earlier than anticipated. Flash forward to September 17th 2018, my grandfather passes, 2 years and 2 months exactly after my grandmother died of cancer. My cousin that lived with him at the time and now lives with us, found him sitting upright in his chair in the kitchen, completely rigged around 10pm. She called my mother in tears, my mother, father, me and my 9 month pregnant sister all rushed to the house which was half an hour away, in nothing but our pajamas. Two more of our cousins arrived shortly after we did. We were all devastated, beyond measure, this man may have not been our grandfather by blood but he treated us all better than our biological ones ever did, it was even more debilitating knowing that he would not be able to meet or hold his great grandchild. We waited for hours for the morticians to arrive, who carted him away in a matter of an hour and a half, my sister was more hysterical than anyone else in the house. The funeral happened four days later at the same place my grandmother's had two years prior, his casket was placed in the same room in the same spot as my grandmother's, this notably upset many of my cousins and my sister. The very next day after the funeral, my sister's water breaks , me and my mother promptly drive her to the hospital that I was born at 20 years ago (21 this year) as the doctor checked my sister and gave her one last ultra sound, I was in the room with her and it looked as if the baby was waving at us. Thereafter, my sister was in labor for 26 hours, on all the pain meds the hospital could offer and that includes epidural, her contractions were now only seconds apart but she was not dilating past 3cm. The call was made around one o'clock that the baby had to be taken out via cesarean section, this broke my sister's heart as she wanted to perform a natural water birth but everyone agreed it was the best option to make sure mother and baby came out of this safely I was in the operating room when the baby came out, it took a good second for the first cry to come out but once it did, the room erupted in celebration, my sister cried one of the nurses shouted out "happy birthday!" Aside from surgeon, and nurse, I was the first one to hold the baby which I immediately showed to my sister who simply said "hi baby" and kissed her child's forehead before they were taken away to be cleaned off, born at 2:15 PM weighing in at seven pounds and three ounce. When I carried him to the patient's room as they stitched my sister up, the moment my parents eyes landed on him, so much love emitted from the room that I can only scarcely describe. Shortly after, I had to go to work but thankfully for 5 hours. I can proudly say today, my sister has fully healed and is a loving mother to my 15 pound 5 month old nephew.