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Jesus Mosqueda

Anime doesn't need you defending it

Федор Рогозин


Dylan Bancud

Warning: This video is contained with jumpscare. Obviously

You are successful no in youtube :)

Frostbite Animationz

The old lady

Maxperry 123 Perry 123

I watching 2018 Apple Watch and you guys since I was four years old now I m 8

Jack Harrington


Hi I'm Niangfries

In the summer, when I was about to go to Middle School, I had this friend, and during the summer, he told me to send him nudes pictures. First of all, he said, I wanted to tell you something, but..You'll say no. So, when he said that, I just got a little bit of curious Ya'know? So.. I told him what is it? You have to tell me. Then, he just said, no..You'll say no. He said, then I told him fine. I will say no if you don't tell me. Later, he told me to send him "Nude Pictures". I said, "Are you crazy? You think I'm the type of girl to do that? Boii~Get outta here." Then, he told me, "Please..Just one picture?? I need it fast!" I told him to get lost, and said, "You need it fast?! What are you tryna do? Upload that in Porn hub?" Then...He just..Kept continuing and continuing so..I got annoyed. And.. I send him. The picture of my bra but, it didn't worked at all. SO I blocked him and..Blah,blah,blah.. He didn't wanted to see my face, in the school lmao. I did not wanted to let the teachers, and my parents kno because, that'll caused more and more consequences. I know that it must be a better option but, I didn't anted the guy to faced harm. However, I already knew that if I were the victim and if he sexually harass me, then, he'll be the one in trouble not me. So, I knew what I was doing but, I regret all of it. But, I DID NOT FORGIVE HIM.

lenny land

I really appreciate what you done and thanks for the coffee I really like Starbucks and guess what you found your dream and I hope we will too

Anjelyn Lumacwas

I just cannot comment. Its a very well deserved golden buzzer. 😁😁😁

kitty Chan

The sans Shirt 😂

Kamilia Warda

I feel like i have BPD since i have all of those symptoms. But im to young . 13 , to be exact. But i have this people who i hate and love. Multiple person(3). I remmeber hating one of my friend , being incredibly piss off because something happen . Imagining her leaving me behind with my other friend. Thinking she doesnt care about me since all of my friends except for me are prefect and they will be together. I was thinking about murdering her, screaming,hurting her and manipulating her since she believes people to easily." I cant believe i call her nice tch!""she's so fucking clueless" .Then she came.

Jp Van Rooyen

Eifel tower!!!! XD ;)


They have amazing gun setups and don’t even play paintball also a fucking LV.1 while surfing

Ocpax ce

Man, I don't know why I am here. I don't even have a DOG. (still love your videos)

KoKoCrazy TV

Every like I will add a 🥳 for 2019

Roey Kivity

we all know she did not split the 2 hundo w the dude.

Mouad kenway

the editing always...piece of art

Husker Here


SoadCola ColaSoad

Bless your soul