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Dimitris Laza

me in 2016

Mom:*drives to docter*

Lacee Johnson

Fart head

ray Ard



YOU:"Cyberpunk 2077


Number one should be the new black ops 2 one

Dante Brizzi

Ricardo, you need to believe in yourself!

Kobe Russell

3:03 the people the believe the earth is flat, theirs your proof. That its NOT

Ashlyn TheMurderer

Why you saying it like anziety tho


Do u people still play this time waste of a game

Michael Sattinger

9:04 fire style justzu


Don't you hate it when someone replys to their own comment ?

Zxekhariah Austria

If its a real life trick shot why are you guys aren't recording live?

Hernando Garibaldi

4:10 PUNCH THE KEYS FOR GO- ups wrong movie.

Isaac does stuff

North Korea: no sharing food well utube is gonna take it down


Once a boy said i was gay can i get a video now?

andrew medalla



It remind me the narrator in Stanley Parable X)

Deep Blue Gaming

I feel bad for Garret Like if you do too

Asil and Jackie Short videos

I have a question of flipping coin.coin in impossible to flipAnd the coin is so skinny it can't be flip

ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ ʏᴀ! uwu

Omg Ponyo! 😭


dude. they are literally perfect. like if you agree or if you get my joke. LOL

Amusing Tree

Panda is luke

Vinicius Oliveira Martins

Alguem br?

Jenna Latham

Lacrosse stereotype

Aaryan Ramani

Cory's last winning shot though was insanely accurate

London Eye

If anyone seeing in 2018 plz like

Cherry Coke

I cried during this it’s almost like my relationship with my dad he always drinks we see each other and spend time but like sometimes he doesn’t care I’m crying so hard rn 😭😭😭😭😭


A lot of these were intentional adult jokes they were put there for adults who are getting bored

Sheena Trance

The last one say o lord help me if you her it

Jack rahde

koby is ripped af

Rebecca Andres

You're wise

Dobrila V

4M in 2 days,this is amazing

OrlieoLikesOreos _

I told my parents but my didn't believe me


Dude perfect your amazing


They had time to add Easter eggs, but not fixing the game, smh


another song for the playlist.

Alan Thampee

You should take some lessons from mr. Bahubali