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Nintendo: Oh we're making a new version of you for Gen 8.

Rylie Hoppe

I knew they were going to win. :)

ha ro

Jimmy is talking to a stand in when the camera is on him. You can tell by the ears.

Kartikeya Verma

Homophobia bad. Homophobic people have poo pop for brains

Jacob Stanford


Kitty ChanKawaiiCatz

This video is impairing thanks for sharing your story 😊

Vivek Paul

All I care is Next Assassin's Creed, gotta wait 4 more months.

Jan Pol

That music is good

bill dimmens

Dwayne jhonsondo one with him next pls

Armybts 19

It's hard to say..... I talked to my mom how I feel but I didn't say that I hv depression.. She said that it's just bcz of my period...

meme land

Fatality 1:51

Brandon Kroeker

Team Coby

Jessica Santos

Wow I live like this everyday. 😞 never realized it was anxiety.

Ricky M

this might be your dumbest idea ever!



Tytos Blackwood

Saints row is like gta on cocaine

UnNamed Cloud

Face Reveal? : ( What made you do these types of videos?

Jay Bee

My soul just drowns into this game's music.

Dominic Pitts

Whether or not it takes them a million tries to make these shots, they still make them...they're not claiming they make it on the first try every time. Stop trying to dock guys who do some pretty awesome shit haha


Coby’s last throw should’ve counted...

justin smith

2 secrets 1 no wonder his name is jimmy because of bully 2 bonk from tf2 930

Nutty Nutz

What's the movie with the holy grenade called?


この飛行機はどこで買えますか?Where can I buy this airplane?

Kurd Beast

Tyler the best

You Tube

Cheating on your husband would never been a best thing on this planet. Especially on a children movie ; with an Easter Egg. That's fucking disgusting.

Wynter Thomas

Why is everyone getting so trigged and ignorant. This girl doesn’t hate lgtb+ comunity. She just doesn’t support it. She never bullied anyone and everyone is bullying her. Treat people how u wanted to be treated

Emmy RIP

hmmm her powers need to be embraced and loved first movieIt’s too much for this world? Remember Elsa conceal don’t feel my friendI’m confused

Nobody died apart from my nan 6 weeks ago R.I.P 😓


It truly begs the question, how many purple shirts and pants does Bruce Banners have ?

Ethan Burgan

on mission 13 or 14 there is a chorus of singing grunts in a room

Kevin Carl Ferrer

5:30 is that an awkward high five

Rainbow Kitty

we need more people like that teacher.