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should of did this blind so there is no bias


Also the sledgehammer indicates sledgehammer games

Fiona Playz

why is that hot dog so much MONEY

Abraham Aylon

Who else is looking for the most recent comment after 10 years😂

柳暗号Willow Cipher

I don’t blame him and I understand why he did it


[...] a job for the vilain.

Karl Salas

Still 3 points


Ty did every shot


part 2 for duke


Ok this is an unusual comment but I’m still gonna make it this is like cinema sins but with this video so if you don’t want to read it I suggest you don’t press read more for the ones that do I’ll be editing threw out the video 321 go

devangi verma

are you gonna be on the black mirror.

Brent Rabas

if u wanna see a good trickshot video search poolboyz69 and look at their trickshots and dunks video its amazing.

Kid Tutorials Easy

2018 December??

Goat Man


Zenia Gonzalez

tolyors pants are riped

Dubstep Queen

5:00 this weapon is a far cry 3 weapon


JYP THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! PLEASE KEEP UP THIS CONCEPT AND MAKE MOMO USE HER NORMAL VOICE I'm sure the korean market will learn to appreciate Twice out of their cute concept!!!

Felipe Braz

Curling trick shots

Buttt I knowww he will be watching me..while im walking up and up until i reach my dreams..

Ian Fleming

Hey did you know you can craft "Longclaw" in the Witches 3? Its not just the name, it looks like the sword also


my wife left.she took the kids

Felt a profound sense-of-respect for Tony, of course Cowboy, Joe Rogan, Dana - everything hmmm

Isaac Bae

3:30 Curry

David Godfrey

It does seem sort of Black Mirror-esque.

Light Yagami

oh ok, thanks. ;)

How to do Things

The Cleveland browns

Miguel Huck

Splatpon one make me feel uncomfortable and unsafe

I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me! Our next course of action is clear: We must kill him!

Abigail Timbs

Y’all we need Tom Holland

kErMIt iS tEa

don’t you think it’s odd how emma gives the big glasses of coffee to ethan and her..

7. The rage monster (gets out kicked)

Leo Gorgoteanu

Also a reference from max in TF2 if you know the hat "Max's Head"

And seeing Easter eggs I've never seen before.

Sorry this is very long!