Bloomberg - Our Top 25 Tips and Tricks

A 20 minute introduction to Bloomberg and the codes to use

Ггвп Ггвп

2:00 русский(russian?)


So you mean to tell me there was something good in Colonial Marines?

Ludvig The Birb

lol battlefield friends

Chris McCarthy

Can you trie to do madden 19😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤪

DJI Flights

Why did ty make every shot!!!!!!!

Wouter de vries

That first one made me realize. Are there no models of teens? I can only recall seeing Adult humans and kid humans, never a teen human.


PC version, you can change everything and anything lol

Kaneesha De Puydt

Teens react to The Society theories please!!

Scott Crissey

Tyser monster

MBenz reviews

My dad is TOTALLY the phone guy! I'm the human controller! My friend is the avatar guy!And my other friend is the rage monster!😂


You know the drill0 Panda1 Garrett2 Coby3 Cody4 Cory 5 Ty6 Camera Guy7 Editor8 Tech Guy9 Choose

Othniel Nyamekye

100 % not fake

뒤에 여자분이 나였으면...

Dragon Master animations


Gabriel Mejia


John Sterling

You forgot the 50 Shades of Grey reference.

(More coming soon)


NI🅱️🅱️A jinxed it.

Lutvi Amalia

Thank's for this great video❤


good old DP and there crazy tricks. keep it up guys!!!!

Pasha Stone

its real, but like on the 387931426712341234978th try

And minecraft updates. IT will be 2.0.0 in a seriosly long amount of time. Since mojang are making other games aswell :D

Kara Splitt

Gayyyyyyy I saw that butt slap 👫💕

younes loussi


Evbest21 Nielsen

Dude perfect rock

some human

ok you dont have to brag dude


Polak/Polish here! Wierzbięta, coś ty odkurwił.

Emmanuel Konig

Nice Christian music in the background DP!

Dylan a

2:10 Was i the only one thinking of Hershel from twd


Someone cancel frozen

Jake Herman

my brother is the replay guy

Camryn Ginley

I’m still scard

Caitlyn Shavney

7:34 why does that girl look like Carolin Kopp or however you spell it

Topos Maci

1:35 my friend's mom has that too,he used to be so sad because of it,her mom is close to .....!

Umar Usman

April 2019Anyone here????


dude skyrim reference


Sarah Wilson

I remember when garrethad hair...


8:43 LMAO

BlueIvory Art

Oh Shat, this just in.I haven't even watched frozen 2 and I love it

Sharon Miller

I knew it was checkers lol Cody

Jonathon Angeles

HEY! I see that DJ Khaled name tag!

Hayden Gattsek

That last guy was waiting for the money from her

kimkoo tube


Full train


Now that's a wall I want to see.

Me: Is It 'Fbi Is Gonna Come And Kick Your Ass"?

Cristian Lopez

I feel bad 😔

The Best Kareem

Sponsorship done well. I really want Gatorade

Libby Rae

i mean props to her for being able to think that quickly

Les Bru79

I think I might me a little intervert bc I can't talk to ppl unless they talk to me first. But I think I'm not intervert bc if someone talks to me I'll ramble to much that they'll stop talking to me for ever


Why? Oh ya, because even though Marvel is a dead meme, we still have a bunch of circle jerking fanboys ready to buy anything with Marvel on the cover.