Breakout trading vs fake out trading

A simple idea that the two don't go against each other but co-exist in their own capacities in the trading world.

surya paruchuri

Where is India boys!

NotRayser rayík

I think the last trickshot is fake

Kaitlynn Kampe

Dang Ezekiel Elliot


Step 1: Buy PC

Bob Mc-May

I will kill the PE teacher😈😈👻👻💣💣💥💥

Sara Fiske

idk why but the "ah" from sonic hq sent me to an early grave

Berry Kitty

how do i make a story cause i have one to share...about whats going on in my life....

ivhevijh eihje

y do u gave a gun ?

Echo 29


* Throws a Nuke boom *

BinBin The8th

Who was here before 1mil subscribers

Noella Bella

Jae lookin like a snack durin his youth

Abdallah Elbaroudy

how could her mother have a boyfriend in saudi arabia thats haram and illegal there


Bro Perfect

Dude perfect is my dudes

Sharky's Entertainment

Nice record

Sai Rock

Rifle Shooting

Gold Dipped Goddess

OMG "Little Princess" and "Princess Bride"!!! I would watch that over and over but I didn't know it was ASMR. You're good!!! Subbed.

Jose Campos

Thanks for putting the warning in the beginning I haven't finished the game yet.

Tony .R



Last night, I had a dream where Chandler won a challenge. Chandler for president.

4_sh*ts&giggles !

James Gordon that was amazing! Tugged my heart strings of enjoyment! Congrats 🎊🍾

Joseph Burlingham

I like you cory


That's tastier than steak

Paulpro PP

Sky-hook it!

Andrew Hernandez

Great video


No one-

Jake Essink

on dlc china rising on the map guilin peaks i think in the back of a crashed plane thats in two halves by objective d or e one of the two, there is a fat chinese guy statue its really small but easy to see


Their job does suck XD

ilend McKeon

I don't under stand the 1980 1

matiss gaming

8:50 why dose he haveno shoes

Anna was here

I'm autistic

I Hate All Of You

My grandma's sister past this year

Kierran Marshall Official

you know when you use movie clips do you have to give credit or does that come under fair use ?

•ᴛʀɪsʜᴀ ɪsɴᴛ ᴋᴏʀᴇᴀɴ•

Fortnite: L-