Car dealership ripoff: Hidden-camera investigation

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how do you find all of these Easter eggs

The FleshEatingMouse

um this does not look hard because you look realy dfar up somewere this might be easyer then i thout (but cool)

Christian Julien


Brendan O'Brien

God does not hate Fay but if he did he would forgive you like for the people who killed Jesus

Kris Wessell

Most of the Easter Eggs in this game Requires Wild Wasteland Doesn't it?


i'm watching 8 years later

Falkerwy Scray

Frozen 2: going to merida

Crazy Mai

Meh, if you were the type of person to use "the natural way" as an argument for anything, you weren't the kind to do not have children, despite of the end result. (yeah sure there will be exceptions in the comments. geez, gotta put a disclaimer everywhere nowadays)

Advanced Gaming



he is a virgo

Patrick Wilson

Can you make another not cool cool overtime vid thanks!

Christina Isais-Carrillo

what the fuck

Csongor Filó

2:09 down left from the player marker

Austin Loduha

i love do it for the gram


I've just shouted like a little girl to see a fucking pink dino at 3pm while I play team fortress

Jna Jac


Coot Coot

Isnt that Aquaman from endgame

Azim Isahak

More pls

josh garcia

I say no to ty


I'm so disappointed.

avenge the falken

'' and kids who had glasses''

Matt Johnson

Anna: I won't let anything happen to her*boss music plays in the background

Rohan Khachane

Garrett baseball fail was too nasty man!! I think he went for an InterContinental homerun

GojiBro Davidson

Personally found the first to be overrated, but this one does catch my attention.

Tom Dierks

you guys should film at xtreme air wisconsin

i try

does Dude Perfect live in a mansion

Ian Powe

I got fooled... SO HARD by the teleport plasmid! XD

Lion Marquez

When I was 10 my twin sister got apendictis, at first doctors thought it was pneumonia what had her sick, but then the day I went to visit her my mom complained to the doctors that her abdomen was very swollen. That next night I heard the door to my house open and i went to check who it was, it was my mom, she told me "Lion Olivia is having a surgery now and we dont know whats going to happen". My sister survived, watching this video makes me feel so lucky to have my sister. Appreciate your loved ones as much as you can, as one day can change it all. I am 14 now, i lost my father last year. Im giving this tip to all people with both parents, I may be young but I can say im definetly wiser than most in this subject.

Jason Gaming

I feel SO sorry for you....... 😭😭😭😭😭😭