ChikouSpan 4SygnalyKup

Amira Browne

People: are you okay


before you guys got the $ for the office

random channel

Best video ever i love dude perfect

Sun bro

Promised Neverland was amazing!!

Emma Swyers

My mom takes drugs....

Balasubramanyam Nandhini

Hey Nico let's go bowling -Roman ,gta iv

Dirk Buño

i like the end and keep you waiting huh

jody clark


“I passed out “ an ad comes and said 9 annoying text Lol

get it

Jane Unicorn

my uncle has diabetes(I'm pretty sure the same type as the girl in the video) he's been going through alot and he's just sick of doing dialysis for about 50 years now (he started having to do it when he was 5) he has alot of health stuff besides that too. he is on the list to get a new kidney, I am pretty sure he has a leg issue and arm so yeah. I don't get to see him much either science we are 15 hours apart, but surely is he the only relative that actually means something to me.

Assainarvk kasim

Malayalies like

Tanner Keller

On google maps it says that your hq is 12 minutes away from my home

Joonas Sariola

Okay those Getting over it, bf 1 peacemaker and Firewatch minigame were fucking epic 🤩

Nina Patel

Cris Hemsworth

Jaw Wy

10:15 😂😂😂 قال ياراقل

Star lord The hedgehog

I’m Irish it’s a great country

peterpan gameing

Me to I'm 11 now and my dad is in Mexico and the thing is I can visit him ever again I use Wi-Fi to help I don't help I have insitey same story but I was his douter

Sunstone Sunny

Like. If. You like breads


your videos are pure gold 


Water Bottle Flip Edition

Bottom Gamer

They don't call it the nose bleed section for nothing

Braden Davenport

I think that the building is hq2

I kinda regret doing this but it is w


So what you are saying is that, "In multiple areas in the game, you can find the wrench that is used as a weapon in the first and second bioshock games" is in fact correct?

Damien Teel

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Hobi decided not to quit

joseph schrader

he is scary


"Absolutely astonishing" - My Brother

Viper 24

2019 anybody

Teigan Stockton

wer do you get them from

Emma Colley

o h s h -

Uuuhhhh....i guess.

The Parker Family


Eli S

Did she stay alive?

Amber Awesomeness


spencer wright

in the first clip showing double rainbow did anyone see it was the confrence call model just with gold

Marek Olszowski

Kto z polski

(You all know what I'm talking about. You've seen it - Every second YouTube gamer is doing it these days and it's god-awful.)

firstname lastname

the combat seems very identical to Sekiro's, with a seperate bar of damage filling up when you hit your enemy or counter their attacks

Joey Soto



You are funny Ty. Can you put OVERTIME on TV?




I kinda dont want this game anymore. Not allowing us to transfer our pokemon we have collected over the years!? Poor choice! Boo!