Collecting for Bonsai: Dogwood 2016 - Larry's Place 2

After many technical difficulties, I finally finished another one for you (My apologies for sound & video quality issues). We return to Larry's place, April 2016,to collect our tagged trees, only to find most of them in very poor health. Thankfully, the dogwood was prime for picking! This video highlights the many steps necessary to collect & pot a wild tree - yamadori. This Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) was one of the easiest I've ever collected, due to a very small root ball in heavy clay soil.Like, Share, and Subscribe! - There's plenty more to come!Follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

But does anyone else think she sounds 12?


I'm pretty early

Karma Karchungtsang

I'm a Coby supporter

K Kek

0:34 lol!

Allan Blevins



We gonna win the war with these guys.


All these colors and flowers remind me of the weird jumble of mental illness.

David skrippy- Wee

Me too!!



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Gachi Gasm

Anyone know the song name at the end after Keanu arrival? :)

claireefangirlph Biteranta

Family: this is our happiness!!

Alonso Cipitria

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Maverick Chan

Doctor Who!!


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"I wish you were HD."??? Dafuq?


That surprise "Smash Jazz" was delightful

Kailey Boberg

You guys should do a horse riding stereotypes


Thank you for the great video!

Ben Gootman


I’m a dish called Pasta

Honestly, like my 5th grade teacher told us when a kid threatened to kill him/her self, you were kids, you didn’t know better.

expired milk

that laugh in the end of the video killed my braincells.

Lisa Skinner

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Journey, Oldboy, Metal Gear!!

Sad Fully

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Bacon Lee

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Pauline Bohela


Aarush Batra

1:54 if coby made that shot

Braxton Hester

Found some good ones but totally missed the obvious Darth Vader reference

Chea Layhout

I have found 2 easter eggs in The secret life of pet! take a look, maybe you'll find more!


That would be awesome.