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RedNoseRaider _Fortnite

Like the new Title

Joel Malley


Dom Morgan

trick shot one with Ryan tedder


i find it weird that i rewind or view this video alot

Gloria Rice

Where was coby

Mi amor, te pido a grito' qué le tenga' piedad

Jaime Johnson

Mmm plz wanna know what I had for dinner? 5 peeps, 15 Reeves butter cups 11 kit kats, and a steak with salad and 2 baked potatoes try me bitch


Let Guru do what he wants. Just because I'm a fan, I would love to see BF4 Easter eggs. Also if there are any Easter eggs on Beyond Two should o

O Bro’s

Why does someone always say let's go, baby


7:51 didn't knew you had a store

Emily clanton

This sounds more sociopathic than psycho

Plus this would make BoTW's story make a whole lot more sense. It never added up why the royal family would have banished the Sheikah and discarded(or even vandalized) the "sacred beasts" after they sealed Gannon away. Clearly something went wrong in the battle 10 thousand years ago, and it would explain both how the Sheikah were able to seal him away for so long and why the royal family was afraid/horrified enough to banish them; they sacrificed Link to make the seal.

afk_ forevxrr

parents: want food?

Helene raven

I got myself a crested gecko for this purpose, haha... It's helping a lot to have something to care for


Anyone watching in July 2016


Yup :I

Jay Sanghvi

Did u killed so many animalsIfThen u r ....

Mirai Kuriyama

It’s the same story again and again and again. Stop sending nudes, people. Leave that shit off the internet.

Joshua Johnson

2019? My dudes

Greek Freak

I just wish you could chose your classes. I'm good in every single class except for one, and because of that one class I'm bad at, my parents are ashamed of me and make me work super hard all night to improve but it doesn't seem to be working. (Especially because I fall asleep in school)

Felicia & Bosley 😂👍

Delta 0987654321

New target is cory


Nobody cares about anything about him but him hosting meme review.


нихуя себе лайков,🥺🥺🥺😮😮😮😮

Caitlin Ryan

That little kid at the end was so adorable

Seth gagnon

That was funny like 👍if you agree