Creating a System for Bull, Bear & Sideways Markets! 🙂🙃

Creating a Trading System for Bull, Bear and Sideways MarketsPLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Can you create a robust trading system that will work in all market conditions? I don't think you can trade those markets with the same strategy and get the results that you want.By far the best strategy is to split these market types into 3 and use 3 distinct trading systems.With bull markets most markets are going up slowly but steadily reaching new highs.- Slow 'chug'- Buy dips / buy oversold conditions- Breakouts are slow - you don't want to buy breakouts in bull markets so much (there is no fear there).Sideways- Mean Reversion type trade like a fake-out strategy or bollinger bands or double bottoms..etc (where you're fading the initial move)- Less 'reward'- Failed breakoutsBear- Fear- Aggressive moves- Extended Downside- Sharp rallies.Related VideosUse the Right Trading Strategy in the Right Market Conditions! 🙂the Market You're Trading to the Strategy You're Using 👍a System for Bull, Bear and Sideways Markets! 🙂🙃

Ansen Jenkins

Nice video

Jacob Vasquez

man, that intro guitar reminds me of schism by tool sooooo much

Swagat Kumar Patel

Impractical jockers

I have recently started a channel making films if you wanted And care free.

Abby Avila

Tiger woods is the master champion

Kadub Kadub


Taco Man

u kno how long this probably took lol. but well worth it

Tess Saucedo

do a soccer trick shot video with alex morgan!

The Crash

I whole heatedly believe the Ditto theory, but there's nothing in this movie that adds any evidence to that. 😶🤐🙅😶🤐🙅

lil w

my grandpa had a brain tumour and passed away in 2017.


there are so many comments like “there’s a difference between acceptance and respect, this girl isn’t a bully >:(“ and they don’t seem to understand that telling someone you don’t accept them as a human being and don’t support their right to love someone else is the polar opposite of respect??? i don’t get these dumbass’ logic i can’t follow


I laughed at the end of the video


peice. time


I don’t like Mary

It goes through high school also and that’s where I’m going to go for high school

chilled spamss

Thank you for showing an accurate representation.


Mega Brine

the first ever sereotype video without rage monster


jimi mate

I literally just finished watching the Harry potter movies , so this is magical


you should have 1m sub <3


my favorite tailgate shot was the hockey one


Starts at 0:33

Joan Singueo

he deserved it

Cringe Factor

Now get a gun handle the situation the AMERICAN way

ere bendy vidios


2-D Thomas

1:24 is my brother


Yes I know but it's mainly just a ton of references and I try to not put too many reference Easter Eggs in my videos, I mainly put more visual Easter Eggs in such as the Moon one as they're more entertaining.

haifaa H

i cant wait for the deathbattle arguments between elsa vs iceman/killer frost on youtube channels and fanpages ..




If you like Dude Perfect, then you'd love my basketball trick shot video, so check it out! ;)

Model Trains and Railfanning

It's pretty Much just all basketball.

Ruben Dajanson

Dude perfect vs the ninja turtles


You guys need to do a video with Tom Brady before he retires