Das Geheimnis des Muskelwachstums

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Brooke Belsky

1:11 chalk and cheese?? am I hearing this wrong?

TheRevengingCheetah 7465

I'm the guy who magically finds my ball

Nisha Mistry

Anyone 2019 April ?

Vo Hieu


Chrome dune buggy (fully modded) "i dont agree with lgbt+ people"



Jennifer Craig

Lol I am going there for camp tomorrow

sumegha sidhu

Wait ...2:27 how does panda " drink" the water 🤔😂

Jared Morrow


Sorein Bab

Actually there’s no sound in space because space is just a giant bacA actually no sound in space because space is just a giant vacuum where the molecules cannot vibrate so sound cannot pass by

Featured ASMR

Can anyone tell me their P.O. Box

Danny Fernandez


Zach Risling

@olehenriksn LMFAO

Andrei Chesnoiu

You wont read this comment

Noah Guinn

what is up with the bent feild goal

Is that a real girl?

3:01 getting some backwater gospel vibes

In Minecraft


Zeb Klein


Ethan: “so if u guys know us, you know we can be... I think you should make a video on this side of the story as well.

Bye x

Tarsha Ferguson

Tears💜💜💜💜💜💜Rest Easy NIP

T Alex

get a shader mod, it can be even better

Andrew Lindsey

I love your videos Guru, they're very well edited and put together.

Bleach •

Respect to Lowry, Green and Ibaka

Addy Saber

This fake

Peter Frank

I don't understand the ending. Who is that?

meep moop 2

you should be a professional editer

Samantha Carbajal

Panda forever

joseph palidar

for left for dead

Chloe Morgan!!!


Sansy 12Cuter

Puerto rico!

Crystal Light

Wow Mom it must be really normal for kids to make up a story about a psychopath infront of your house WOW so relatable!


where is garret

Knackered Potato


Cool Kids club

I’ll get a mini gun


made by "GKUIRDU"


God I love you Guru <3

To disagree with LGBTQ+(even if this story was real) is to say you dont believe in their basic human rights and they are less than because of who they are. If you choose to keep this hate propaganda up, that is all the proof i need to disregard your channel.


good stuff as always, happy new year


that truck needs its own movie