Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Student

Yet another day in the life of a cybersecurity student.I thought I would hop on the trend and document my day through this video.I already know...What windows?!You are "cybersecurity..."and to that I say, "deal with it...I am a student..."Hope you enjoy the video!For more information:visit questions?Contact grant@cyberinternacademy.comSocial Media Handels:Twitter:@collinsinfosecSongs Used:KNO - Good Morning (Chill Background Vlog Music No Copyright)Marcus D - Trophy (Vlog Background Music Non Copyright)


That FPS cured my cancer.

Fishyfizzy Bate

But why is he background music at the starting literally Harry Potter lol



Joshua Thornes

Coby is my heeeeeeero

joel blevins

Tony Ferguson. The type of guy that makes you want to blow your nose.

Ryan Hyland

Over the tree basket

emily johnson

you can tell hes white at his legs

shay amanda

my heart is exploding. i love him so o,,, m uc hh

Austin Molina


Little Dude Perfect vlogs

I'm watching this in September 2016


That guys jump shot at 3:37 is broke looking!

Ella M Locke

I was 3 lbs 3 oz when U was born.. but I was only 2 months early

irham hamizan

Going to be trending. Bet

Dalia Garcia

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1,000 subscribers Without vids

2019 anyone?

Co Ola

Thought his was actually happened

Madalin Constantin

thus rats lol?

Me:i dont wanna go to school!

Irlanda Mirelesrivas

When you get married you say a pledge to each other that you will love them with all your heart ❤️ so in my opinion they are cheating and failing

before i watched the video

Aiden Smith


Ourgreat Brewerfamily

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drawing Maniac

Carson wentzs

Noodle production

My grandma and grandpa died on my dad side and my mom side my grandpa died I don't even know them I was not sad I really not to sound rude really didn't care I don't know them and I can't revive them so rip and I want to see my gradma before it's to late but it probably might be I live in California in America and my grandma lives in Mexico so yeah rip

Calion Deolorm

Happy Dudbirthday team ! nice to see Dudperfect roots

Ukulele Von Battenberg

'Was that a girl?'

Bradley Hayward

epic ride !!!

Shy Rooon


Eric Ekis

Teady Bears = Zombies and the aliens means the return of Nuketown 

Kenjijohn Gilig

Anwar is so Amazing

Vivianne Goss

You know how ty had a good big dude perfect shirt well it should say go big or go perfect