Day In The Life of Billionaire Mohammed Al Habtoor

Today I had the pleasure to shadow Mr. Mohammed Al Habtoor, one of Dubai's most prominent business man, Vice-Chairman & Ceo of Al Habtoor Group, and now good friend, around during his daily routine & activities. We ended the night with the soft opening of La Perle: One of his new ventures located in Habtoor City. It is Dubai's First permanent water themed show. Follow Mohammed Habtoor: Instagram: mkhabtoor1Book your tickets at La Perle here: Habtoor Group website: to follow my crazy life: ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR SHOUTOUTS IN MY VLOGDon't miss the rest of the madness:IG: my family:Rsk: Marie: BOX 212842 - Dubai, UAEComment "skamorek" if you see this and I'll respond! :)For any inquiries contact:


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Silvia María Álvarez Balbín

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Rachel Times

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Karson Bruns

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Yeezy Jeezy

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Chinna Devi

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honey hindu

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Marisabel Robles Justiniano

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Nathan Dupuis

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Dennis T. Nedry

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Jan Y

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Ravisankar Srinivasan

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