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Subashini C Rathnakar



Team tall man

Andrew Upshall

Do a Johnny hockey edition (Johnny Gaudreau)


Kto jest polakiem niech na pisze pod tym komem kom

Aysha Faiello

Im so sorry for what happend i also know someone who lost her baby but she will still be in your heart

Sabrina Betanzo

I can't understand why people want childs from their blood. Even if you don't have any problems for having babies. Why people want more people in the world instead of giving somebody that already exist the opportunity of a loving home?

Mario Oiram

Haha, everybody needs to stfu. That looks fun ass eff.


introverts aren't like the your over egzagurating btw i think i spelled egzagurating wrong

Kevin Gu

I like how he warns you before jumpscares cuz I just hate them

Josh Creepa

How was shooting the teeth hard???


What the fuck is the last one

Kawaii SisterCat Iluvcats

If I was president, I would make healthcare free for everyone and make bad drugs illegal

Friends. Friends friends

Legend 52

That’s a Christian song I think. I’m a Christian and I love it! Jesus saves anyone who will ask for forgiveness!

Tim Kisicki

Pons sucked at the silent acting in this, Jeff killed it!

nadea tomala

So you can quit saying its fake

dev devesh

Tyler: I will continue walking like this the whole day(legs close together)Twenty seconds later...Tyler: Yessssss(runs with legs far apart)

Reem Slim

I dont care how much this girl changed after she ruined this girls life, she’s a terrible human being and I think people should be properly punished for disgusting acts like this. I mean the victims life has been turned upside down because some “friend” wanted some popularity, and when that poor girl was literally cutting herself, she was the attention seeking one. These types people truly make me sick

Jun Hee Ho

If he is the greatest shooter of all-time like what idiots call him, and say he can hit shots from half-court with ease, he should be hitting shots from 30 feet and beyond multiple times a game. He has always been massively overrated.

Koko Mmc

6:20 H O W

Matt Christensen

you guys should record in mesa Arizona state

Desiree Spaniol

I love Kristen confidence!! She can wear any dress and loge the color on her i hate wearing light colors bc i feel as if it shows too much

(I gotta leave) Get down girl, go 'head, get down

Chris Robinson

I am from Seattle and still live in Seattle go hawks

Tyler lawrence

somebody like this comment please

Dan Booher

This is B/S

don't make me mad i get pissed very easily

So what happened too the teacher am i the only person i hope im not but am i the only person who's wants too kill da teacher


So many id soft!

Saurabh kumar Jha

any from India??? 👇 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Ahly Monzour Babar

watching in 2015

Kelsie Crisp

I’m glad y’all are okay. It literally brings tears to my eyes that people would go to those extremes over someone being themselves. And especially if they don’t even know you.

moon guy

but that's makeup


Baseball? golf? Those would be amazing!


Just imagine the camera would have been turned off :D

•Reyne •

were about to go fishing in summer

Undeadgamer 911

To us introverts

Madisen Wald

Tennis trickshots is what u insane guys should do...

Bottle flip 23

Ty is the best

zach burke

Love your vids man, keep it up

Zephen IGuess

9/11 2

movement controls feels easy and perfect like cods and unreal tournament. vegas 2 controls are terrible

Nicole 33

ive shot a few skeets but never been hunting however i do archery

Hugo Guillén

I can a see a little brown bandicoot at the left of the drawer at 06:24

Anna Benedetti

Genial !

LogAn eRretT

The beginning is amazing 🤩