Day Trading for $13,436 in one hour! - Meir Barak

What a day! Learn day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time professional trader. This is day trading live video -- January 10, 2014 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $13,436. Watch all my videos at: day trading strategies for the US equities. Follow a full-time trader and a trade plan that works. Join a team of traders helping traders where new and experienced traders experience high probability low risk trading.Day trading in stocks on Wall Street. Meir Barak trades together with Tradenet's internet trading room in real-time so that you can get a full view of his trading screens. A must see for all capital market lovers, investors and traders. Educational as well as mesmerizing! In order to become a successful trader and effective in day trading, you require to practice trading on daily basis. There are an abundance of methods to make money in trading. The simplest way to make income online is to comply with a basic, established and predictable trading system.

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