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Hector Enrique Reynoso Monagas


JuanMiguel CV

Dura bad TE burlas Saludos desde RD

Fabiola Lopez

I don’t like Donald Trump.....I hate him

Michael Payne

Get Knile Davis


Stop building skyscrapers so freaking high

Jase Garcia

Dallas cowboys

iM deAd InsIdE PLs heLp

Hold up Fillippeeeneeees? Philippines


GalaxyO Sunshine like the sun you shined,We feared every moment in company.Nerves jolting, sensing nearby a road diverged.O cursed be the damned,And wet be the water.For had you been less than a piercing light,Surely, time would have healed and forgotten.Fear not a temporarity,For your darkness was inevitable.Understand, therein, The brightest luminates gravitate towards the darkest marksAnd bloom you will, O Sunshine.For radiant galaxies bear no heart.By: MeThis is a poem for my English class. Hope you like it :D


I was 1 year old ... and my parents almost called the police to report me missing .... but I was sitting in a box

Elvis 198

This is Tooo Epic!Wowowowowowo

King Almond

Plot Twist: The deer destroys elon musk when he was 12

Owen James

Ask him how bad the rams are



Bill gates is that you?


milly jayes

I still like Cory no matter if he looses a challenge 😀

J Tube

You should floss for a celebration

W.P Photography

3:01 Cody’s face


Now I see everything 0:54

M. Morgan

This book comes out on my birthday, the stars are foretelling of me becoming a chef.

Javier Villa

Tijuana pirañas

Funny Fortnite





That was kinda meh to me srry

A.d.g Gon.


Lemon boutique

Well, no fuck I compared myself to others

Hampus Granqvist

Song name?

Kristen Marie


Saint Keys

😭😭 I don't wanna lie this is dope it really touched my heart marathon Continues & rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle Yoh J stone I love you broh you my nigga

jzagame s

So cool

Joe-bob 007

I want to die

Kippe ON Fly

Hm I think 99% comments dont know what kurzgesagt means

Bryant Vick


+10% is "omfg anime iz verrry sukk and aniwan wo watch animé iz gay!!!!!!!!11!!11!!oneone"

Aliandra Yorgason

my mom is my real mom

Bob VanSweden

my son loves you guys he plays baseball

Lizard Gaming FE2

I cried!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

Da -Predator

Basically you have to sing the map song to bring the map and u have to help Anna ( Dora) and Elsa ( boots) go to the some forest or something. Ddddora, ddddddora, Dora dora dora the explorer


@FunWithGuru What about Trials Evolution, Brink, Minecraft, BFBC2, BFBC1? Glitches are fine too.

kikyo Is

encerio jajaja referencia ala película del rey león jajaj ..encerio ><

Really, really hope we don't lose that togetherness in the future. With this ego-selfie-era. :(