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Jeremy Chavez Alvarez

Captain America’s entire suit design should change and so should iron mans helmet and eye placement. Graphics need to be improved also

Elion Laska

This is deep

Ma Pau G

New title: people didn't accepted my homophobia

richard burden

Why cant dinosors clap .... Because there dead

Waff le

Me and bff group disbanded cos one of my bffs just grew distant and the other two girls are ganging up to bully me

Sir Marshall

Imagine how good Warcraft lore would be if it didn't have pop-culture references that break the 4th wall all the time though.

Neon Starlight

I was born 3 months early I'm the struggles cuz my mom told me. I was born on dec 25th but was suppose to be born on March 25th. So ya I'm a chirstmas baby 😂

Camo Vloger

Dallas cowboys

shauntee jays andrews

28:32 moon

ray dog

That a wig

Yasmine Artates

How could the iPhone look like android in 3:00


@MatthhewwAA Really. You are so fucking stupid that you don't know how to spell "somebody"? I've lost all faith in the world.

Jacob Washburn

Loved it

Alexis Marquez

How is he alive

Oh wait I can just make my own

Jonathan S

They probably made as many mistakes as you made grammar errors ;)



Kandida Kogtevran

what does it mean ASMR? please answer me🙏🏼

Lydia Wolfe

I never knew there were so many popsibilities to making popsicles.

Suraj Singh

Dudes show more bro mo


sry ;-; R.i.P

Quentin Roldan

Kadita vs Aurora


I somehow find your game vids calming, maybe it's because there is barely any action going on and that there's mostly ambience without any music. Great video as always, keep it up dude.

boyz zone



Shot studios are going to future

Elu Fullard

Haha sneaky but very creative 👌🏼 keep up the great work 👍🏼👍🏼👉🏼