EA Forex Mbelgedez And Original Setting "Killer Broker"

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harambe stalin

Loving the hk army gear



0.01% is my coment about the % of each coment

Jordan Coll

Most of em, sure. Others seem more to be the corrupt minds of viewer, not writers

Battle Gaming 145

Nice Matt

Lee Ham

Homework, become rich.

Arc Ray

the last one is like the only real sad one.

lil chris cl

And I subscribe to you guys

Xtreme Games

This is the only game in which I hated rain. The looping sound was short and annoying.

Smite Blue

Who else saw that gieco commercial

Aiden Kang

i knew it was checkers

Aaron Gepitulan I love bananas

Fuck you Dub


Me at the beginning: "The surprise is that he's gonna dump you.."

CozmicPlayz Minecraft

Reminds me of auggie


shot your bullet in midair

Taku 0402

it’s okay

Emmanuel González

Re caretas jaja

Cathy Van Drew

the signature dunk

ImILyanStation YT

TY why you throwing your tv and your bicycle that so root

terry green



your guy looks a lot like Dominic West.

Rex Zhang

m on team tyler for this one


i was LITERALLY just thinking of this and a video came out about it lmaooo

kingthe pringle

You have been banned for cheating...

Mia Araceli Martinez

beautiful Asher angel I love you

Hajar Alsabany

Ugh this whole video is so annoying and plus I HATE tomboys

Linus Sante



Mike Fanzini

i wonder for the last part if there is a translator easter egg for the Meow Meow Meow journal

yoked Predator

4:15 "ah excellent air supp- oh no....."

William O'Grady

purple hoosier all the way like if you agree


Dat Toy Story reference

Andrew Kuria

I'm honestly confused, what is this song about?

J Hansen

College Station, TX aka AGGIELAND!

Ani H

i think travis should be drafted to the seattle

Muppet problems

This was definitely another attempted 9/11 Jesus what is wrong with this earth


Omfg Aimbott

Because in French Bites is Dick XD

Tiffany Quimby


Asian Dod


Chris N

did anybody else see the panda in the back at1:07

hoples shipper

What does OCD stand for though?