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nj lapar

I haven't take a shower for 10000000 years

The complainers about ride times

Charles Miller

Go for purple Hoser

Jimmy Kimmel: Lets go in the back and make love

The Nerd

Solaire of Ludomedia

There's something that doesn't sound right to me about the gameplay. I was expecting an interesting combat system like The Force Unleashed (playing as Starkiller was hella satisfying)

Mister Peperoni

1:41 the best one

Kristina Thanhauser

Similar thing happened to me. I am really sorry this happened to you....

Sam Olmos

Right before this video, I just got an ad about diabetes.

khreaxah suarez

Your self

Shadow King04

I'm surprised that no one No one said anything about Gears of War so let me say it.

Jones Kirkland

Aw, the kitties!! 💓 also, congrats on your book!

Parker Zimmermann

Ya, I played that misson, I thought it was an o'neil brother on the first Easter egg


Only if this was posted yesterday (my birthday) but on another note I’m totally buying your book tho

Pasta Dinosaur18

Why would you destroy a basketball court??

Daniela Cristina

We should realy apreciate life



Brian Gordon

Like for cobs

Joy Duer

Sh*t if it was that easy to choose heaven or hell everybody would be in heaven.

I think she has past this point.

Kahlor Quiver

Dat moment when an easter egg video is longer than a speed run of the game.


Their house then ... their house now


Hi I'm James, allow me to give you your daily does of cringe for today.


at home my mom does not hit my but she hurt by words at home I stay in my room intill my mom tell me to clean the hole house

Xavier Bennett

Alishba Mahmood

My mom compares me to other child


49 people are templars.


I was working around the red carpet at the Tony awards on Sunday. Cool people

Gabriel Moran

you rules

Which was a huge mistake of mine.

JJ Seaward

Harley singing is creepy 0.0

Legend of blue Roblox gamer

Wait is the eart flat or round or a dunot or a cube

カトリーナ kātrîna

I love how they all know Tom.

Jackson Huff

Wow that was high!


Just come into the country legally then


Impressive halle berry