Episode 15: Where to invest now?

class="metadata-updateable-description" Who doesn’t love discounts? From groceries to premium cars, getting a good deal adds an extra bit to your shopping experience and suits your pocket. When it comes to investments, this ‘extra bit’ can compound its way to create a much bigger bang for your long-term wealth. But spotting bargains in the world of stock investing is not as straightforward as browsing through the listed prices of things on shopping portals. It’s a skill that seasoned value investors practice with great success and it’s exactly what we are going to talk about in our next webinar. Join the webinar and learn to spot stocks on sale!

Fiona Hall

Seriously did James Cordon just say ass? Remember where you come from Darling... it’s arse!


so is she wearing an wig?someone HELP becasue she just said she shaved her hair and it showed it and now in the other pic she had HAIR、HAIR、AND HAIR

The Neon Pandae

I remember these videos

Dreyer Van rooyen

Were i live sumer is in desember

Luke Drougas

R.I.P for the box

Hlutei Hmar

I like her better when she is not that skinny I don't like to be skinny 😁 or that thick 😏😀😁

Alcadia Terror

Will u do a draw my life and a face reveal?

Finn Flix

no one:all the smart bois: o I get the plot

Chauncey Boyd


dante shadow

Another good one guru: 3 , i had no idea about these Easter eggs!?. Btw The assassin's creed one was my favorite:).


That is sad like...i wish this never happens to anyone els

Hacker5525 Almeida


Glass Heart

Yes everyday now I have a three year depression and I can't find a way out

chia yang


Ricardo Delarosa

What about if you saw the robots in theater mode? (Black ops 3 arm shooting Easter egg)

Aukse Seduikyte

Banana swirl☺

Yama and hiroki: slurp

Ya Boi

They should do an airsoft trick shot vid

Who let The Dogs out?

more Easter egg in game

Texting Stories

She said that her daughter is about to start school, look at the daughter at 1:31

Ivan Cherchenko

internet stereotypes should be next



Cullen Dean

Fishing in the aquarium.


Gettin' numba one video.

finnegan fitzgerald

R.I.P plant

Isla Cruddas

Don’t worry. Two of my siblings are dead cuz they were going to be twins Ruby and Lucas. They died in my mums tummy at the age of 19 weeks cuz my mum got ill. At least she is still alive but my siblings aren’t 😔🥺😖😢😢🙁😕

Natalia Salazar

Tijuana Pirañas low key slaps


Ya boy only 11 subscribers off of 150 and posted a new 2k video today 🙌🏽🤞🏽

やりららy BOや


Ned Murray

Purple hoser all the way

Sorry for my grammar is there's any. I just thought this would be interesting to share

Dark Doodle07

When ty had a mustache

Jonas Prather

2019 anyone??

Otakinho meeu

cade o GAVIGOD nesse jogo???


0:00 that what she said

oofer potato.

Me: Oh dang they broke up. Mike

Neby Akusoba

Wen I met a. Boy. He was a boiler.

Soundwave {}

Not again

Joseph Dankha

Anybody 2018

Glen Swedi

Wow, I just can't stop crying 😭😭😭😭😭

Louis Urquhart



sees Eye of providence, "aaaaaayyyyy!!!"


OK Sam. How about tackling a Northern Michigan pasty? Plenty room there for your added touches or go straight traditional. People should try a taste of the baked Northern Michigan comfort pie on the go