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Ángel Mendoza



Just curious as to how you find it hard to read, are you watching in 360p on the smallest option? I know it's small and harder to read than my normal font but I can read it fine, and I have terrible eyesight.


why couldn't she just accused him of sexual assault LMAO XD LOL

Yogesh Madgi

who is panda?????????????????????????????????????????????????


So basically ill be dead soon, nice

I didn't know what to write

Ralph Cornelius Castro

Basically a redo of the teaser avoid much spoilers!

soso Alhudeeb

how to make a nother name to tag someone

Elija Keller

where was coby

Chase Morganti

Who is the guy with Tyler in the beginning siting in the chair is it Cody?


To the 2.6K who have disliked this video, think about your life. The people of Dude Perfect have given this kid a chance of a life time. They made one of his wishes come true which is really kind of them.

Karyll Bondal

My bestfriend does this to me..... And nobody cares..... Because they know that my classmate is nice.... And they thinks that I want it.... 😭😭😭 I know what it feels to not to tell it early


@markinsdit's TEXAS, do some research before you comment

Normalll dude

the ending, this is why I love his videos👍 keep up the great work m8!!

Jack Kaster



Damn near gave me a heart attack

Nyaboth Chol

You are going to hell god doesn't like that god love you

Nuri Amelia Amran

5:15 me too :)

Sebastian Polak


Hannah Asmr And Mukbangs



Sorry. We misjudged. You're 9.